Friday, May 22, 2015


Toothpaste and Toothbrush Suppliers
Oral hygiene and Teeth whitening products have slowly but surely made their way into our every day lives and have become an important part of our daily dental routine. Bright lustrous set of teeth not only compliment your smile perfectly but also reflects a sound health. Soft toothbrush when used along with good toothpaste will help clean your teeth better. Always opt for good quality modern nylon bristles which helps clean the stains, are mild on gums and dry off easily to combat growth of bacteria.

There are 2 major constituents that are used in the making of a finest teeth whitening toothpaste. The first significant one i.e. bleaching agent like carbamide peroxide or sodium tripolyphosphate and the other important ingredient comprises of a coarse agent like silica/calcium carbonate. The bleaching agent is well thought-out to be the most significant in the process of whitening/gleaming of the teeth, it is in reality the insignificant coarse fragments of the abrasive materials silica that are the real plaque-terminator. The paramount teeth whitening toothpastes use a most favorable permutation of the both for an enhanced whitening experience.

The bleaching agent bleaches the teeth based on the peroxide concentration which is typically low and the time of its action. But due to less concentration the bleach does not get adequate time to work its magic to the fullest. On the contrary, abrasive materials play a vital role in eliminating stains.

There is a fine line when these advantageous coarse materials become a hazard to the honesty of our teeth. These abrasive materials while removing the stains and germs from the teeth can also remove pieces of enamel due to prolong use making teeth weak which can be easily attacked by bacteria and plaque.

To avoid such confrontations, one must frequently change the toothpaste and toothbrush at regular intervals to give less stress to the enamel. Do not completely rely on teeth whitening toothpaste instead search for natural methods to whiten teeth. Good toothpaste must be permitted from eligible institutes and has the right amount of fluoride in it with apt abrasive materials.