Friday, May 1, 2015

Recycled Paper – a boon to environment and ecosystem

Recycled Paper
In modern era, Paper has really become an essential part of our lives. If you come to think of it; our birth certificate and death certificate which documents start and end of our journey of life; both are only documented on paper.

While paper is one of the really important things invented by mankind, we have been abusing the use of paper since centuries. The major source of manufacturing paper is from Vegetable fibers which essentially are obtained from plants. Hence it is evident, if you need paper; you need to compromise on trees. It is really tough to believe, but if each one of us saves just one sheet per day then we could end up saving 40,000 trees each year.

In a nutshell, saving paper will lead to saving trees, saving water, saving energy and also reducing garbage, hence it is really important of mankind to start recycling waste or used paper. A very common way of recycling paper is collecting old newspaper and selling it to the waste collector for some extra money; and these scrap dealers deal in paper recycling. Recycling of paper can be done for different type of paper products available, for example, white office paper, waxed cartons, phone books or text books.

Paper recycling manufactures works on the principle of collecting waste paper, process it in a specific way and then remaking them into new products. During the process of paper recycling; components of paper fibers are separated by the use of water. A pulp slurry material is formed out of this process from which non fibrous contaminants are cleaned out. It is always better to use the waste paper by recycling it rather then dumping it in garbage. This process helps you to reduce the trash across the globe. As of today, paper contributes to the largest category of trash in the world.

Recycling Paper Manufacturers works on the ideology of “paper recycling prerogative” that government today has banned the usage of plastic bags. The idea was to promote the usage of recycled brown paper bag which is primarily manufactured by recycling of waste paper. The recycled paper is very durable and reliable as they are created using virgin pulp of trees. This type of paper is environment friendly, can be used again by recycling process and is biodegradable thus is safe for the environment and ecology on the whole.