Monday, June 8, 2015


Chimneys are one of the kitchen appliances used which are very powerful suction devices to ensure that all smoke and heat released while cooking in kitchen is sucked and released outside your kitchen and home. Chimneys are widely used in modern homes to keep the kitchen environment neat and clean.

A very basic surviving need for human being is food which is cooked in our kitchens. Cooking food requires evenly flame settings for the chopped, minced, and grinded raw materials which you intent to eat. There are raw materials like meat, chicken which would require high flames to be cooked and there will be raw vegetables which can be easily cooked in low gas flames. Nevertheless, cooking will leave your kitchen with some smoke, aroma and heat which should be flushed outside kitchen to maintain the heat levels at the same time getting rid of the excess smoke. Cooking any kind of food will leave your kitchen environment untidy and unhygienic for chefs and in order to make their work easy; Chimneys were introduced. They are also helpful to suck out the oil contents which are released in air while you are cooking and has the potential to spoil your kitchen furniture by leaving oily stains.

Earlier Chimneys were not used in normal household kitchens due to their large size and consumption of high electricity. They were neither cost effective nor easy to install for a normal household. But nowadays with the use of modern technology chimney manufacturers are coming up with new models of chimneys which are easy to install and use in normal households as well. Thanks to the kitchen hoods which has enabled to installation of chimneys in kitchens even if they are small in size. They can seamlessly blend within the modular kitchens without impacting the look and feel of the overall ambiance of your kitchen. To be honest, chimneys nowadays not only provide you the protection from smoke but they are also a style statement due to their unique design and shape. In addition, Chimneys are available are very economical prices ensuring that you have a great looking kitchen in your house which is healthy at the same time.