Monday, June 15, 2015


Cotton Fabrics
Cotton is one the most widely used fabric around the globe these days. People loves wearing outfits made of 100% cotton or a mix of other fabrics like polyester or nylon etc. Since cotton made fabrics are suitable to wear in all seasons; it is the most popular fabric to be used for clothing these days. It is suitable for both high and low temperatures and can be used easily in day-to-day use. Cotton falls in the category of natural fibers and is porous in structure. The pores necessarily helps in air flow further ensuring low sweat and you can stay really comfortable. Cotton also helps in protecting young kids with sensitive skin from any kind of weather. I think now you would understand why girls still wear cotton scarves even in summers. To be honest, they have become so popular that many manufacturers in India have started producing these scarves exclusively especially for pure cotton in addition to the varieties containing silk, viscose, polyester, nylon etc.

Cotton is one of the oldest textile fibers known to mankind and it certainly comes from a plant. Yet, its wide usage across the globe makes it the KING of fabrics. Most of the clothing today in the world is made of cotton rather then any other material. Pima is considered to be an outstanding variety of cotton available due to it’s long staples. The long fibers on pima cotton are combed to ensure they stay parallel to each other and produce a very smooth yarn. We can also make this cotton a little silkier with the process of Mercerization. This process also helps in increasing the absorbent capacity at the same time making them really comfortable to wear.

Normal fabrics made out of cotton can easily withstand hard laundering unless they were weaved or colored delicately. You have the flexibility of using any kind of detergent along with hot water on these ordinary cotton fabrics. At the same time they also don’t get ruined by the use of hot iron; giving you least trouble. White cottons can be bleached and sterilized by boiling water to maintain the rich look.