Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Engine mounts
What do you understand from engine parts and mounts?

Whether you own a motor bike, car, or bus, a smooth working engine is what you need to make it going. Engine is made up of a number of components like cylinders, valves, pistons, piston rings, spark plugs, rotating assemblies, fuel filters, mounts and the likes. Engine mounts are most similar to the joints in a human body, which keeps all bones structured in place. These mounts keep the engine parts aligned, and allow the car parts to rotate in a perfect sync. All of these components work in coalition with each other. The decent functioning of these parts and mounts is very momentous to run a vehicle. Modern engines are lighter as compared to the earlier engines, as these are largely made of special metal alloys. It also augments the overall quality and performance of the engine.

Problems a bad engine mount can cause

The motor mounts in an engine are very small parts, but they play a vital role in the entire processing of your vehicle's engine. However small these mount parts may be, once they go bad in their activities, you will need to understand the symptoms, and do the needful. Some most encountered things which can indicate a mishap with your vehicle's engine are mentioned in the further part of this blog:

Engine vibration is caused by a bad mount, which may turn it further in an insecure engine. The sound ejected from the engine is the hint that you should take a note for having a bounce in the engine. In case, you are driving without anyone on the passenger seat, you can check for excessive vibrations, by placing your hand on the passenger's seat.

Another one is an extreme case, of motor mounts completely breaking off from an engine. This can make the engine shift on the other side, and there is an immediate need to take precautions if you're driving fast.

How to maintain your car's engine?

All parts in an engine play their respective roles, which are indeed significant to keep the vehicle's performance at par. Timely maintenance can keep the engine of your car functioning properly, improve it's performance, cut down on  the repairing cost, and help in extending its shelf life. Some noteworthy points which can make your driving smooth:

Oil in your car is most essential thing to keep it moving. Changing it every 3,000 miles or three months, is considered to be healthy to keep a car in a steady condition. Other than this, the short trips taken without warming up the car engine can result in contaminating the oil, which will ultimately require you to change the oil more than average. So, to ensure a proper functioning of the car engine, change the fuel filter, oil filter and air filter with time.

Battery is the source of energy, which is required to outset your car's engine. Keeping the battery clean to prevent from vibrating, and keeping the connections tight at the ends can keep it in good shape. Besides, the water level of the battery should be checked from time to time.

Your driving comfort is enhanced by the air conditioning system in your vehicle, and this may need a little care, so that it doesn't go bad and bring down the affordable performance. The climate system in you car is similar to that of a refrigerator and if it doesn't keep you cool, there is a chance of a leak in its system. You shall keep it examined to ensure its proper functioning.