Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Shaving Products
Girls don’t really find it pleasant to be kissed by a male who has a lot of facial hair or beard and mustache. In order to avoid this uncomfortable feeling for their female partners; males need to shave at all times to look and feel the best. Most grown up men are required to shave daily to ensure that their face is really smooth and they look great without any facial hair.

In historical times men used to use really sharp objects, stones, metals to shave their beard off. They would use shark teeth, shells, flint or curved metal objects for the purpose of shaving. Yet, in the modern world, it seems that all of us are really occupied with getting things done really faster; shaving is one such example.

As the human kind developed new form of razors were formed using bronze or metal objects that could be sharp and do not get rusted easily. By mid 19th century; straight razors were the most commonly used razors by men. They were also known as cut throat razors. In 1950s a company by the name of Gillette started making disposable razors for men that were comfortable to use with a non reusable blades connected to a long plastic handle. Nowadays we even have electric shavers manufactured which do help men in shaving but they really don’t provide a close shave as the cut throat razors used to.

Blades of a straight razor are created of steel; modern technology also offers them in stainless steel. They are usually imprinted by manufacturers seal to identify them from each other. A men needs to take a lot of precautions for maintaining their razors. They need to be sterilized, sharpened and washed time and again to ensure smooth and safe shaving experience.

If you really want to spoil yourself; you should indulge in getting a shave done from a professional barber using a straight shave razor. This would also help you to experience the history of shaving razors first hand which should be relaxing and help you get a close, smooth and a clean shave.