Thursday, July 2, 2015


Difference Between Cookies And Biscuits

The difference between cookies and biscuits is merely language or culture based. What you will know in the UK as 'biscuit', will be available to you as 'cookie' in the US. The fondness for biscuits can be known from the fact, that May 29 is celebrated as Biscuit Day in some parts of the world.

We get-going to eat biscuits from breakfast till evening, every time we find ourselves a bit hungry. My favorite cookies were only from my granny's kitchen, but today we are spoiled for so many choices from around the market. Our dependability has grown more on the market-ready products, which also turns us away from our healthy eating habits. There are a number of brands offering you the tasty picks to have your favorite one, which results in nothing else, but more confusion.

Some most popular cookies around the globe are Coffee mocha cookies, Anise, almond and lemon biscuits, Chocolate chip cookies, Oat biscuits, Whole wheat biscuits, Rye biscuits with anise, etc.

Know some tips, in line with the taste and health given by biscuits, to know which you should stay with:


We all very well know that homemade cookies are way better than the market delights that we gorge on. No matter how big a health freak you are, but when you see a delicious cookie, your mouth will follow the way itself. You may or may not have known that ready-made cookies are baked from the refined flour and taste enhancing elements. Artificial preservatives are also added to give these biscuits a longer life.

Everyone here will relate with the hectic lifestyles we follow in general. To keep ourselves going till the end of the day, we keep stuffing the unhealthy cookies every other time. But, no worries, you don't just have to stop loving your favorite cakes at once. Turn to the next section and allow yourself to love some more.


Biscuits don't make you fat at once, but if you intake a lot of them and don't do a thing to keep yourself in shape, obesity definitely will. With increased awareness of health and nutrition, brands are focusing on making healthier biscuits and cookies.

  • Make sure to check the ingredient list on the label.
  • The biscuits made from whole wheat are to be said as healthier than the ones containing refined flour.
  • You can also look out for the low calorie biscuits to keep a check on your health.
  • A number of brands in the market, have also offered biscuits for the diabetic patients which are supposed to keep their sugar level low.