Saturday, July 11, 2015


What is Fine Jewelry made of..?

Fine Jewelry is well made by materials and stones of good quality and assemble them in such a group to make it attractive in look. It represents something unique in itself and the creativity is done by skilled worker. These jewelry are constructed of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Gemstone, natural diamond and natural pearl, either it is yellow or white gold, it must of minimum 10 karat to be considered as fine jewelry. It is necessary that all the basic material must be genuine and natural, otherwise they will not be categorize in fine jewelry. The basic trend of ornaments like necklace, ring, earring, bracelet and many more are in flow since many years. From many generations, it is also a kind of investment for future reference. In many families, there is custom of passing forefather's jewelry as their blessings, but is it possible to wear those jewelries after so long? Actually it depends on the quality, still all the items require a lot of care...

Specialty of jewelry...

As jewelry is the most admired and a special holding in terms of beauty, it satisfies our eyes and gives complete look to the apparel. Whenever we talk about the happiest or some special moments of our lives, that obviously includes our looks, which is completely graced by the jewelry only. Also at different occasions, for many reasons they are classified in special presentation like engagement rings and mangalsutra for marriage. Though these ornaments are wider in appearance, still they are very delicate. It is important to take proper care of your fine jewelry not only because they are expensive but because to make it look as beautiful as they are. These ornaments are very delicate, must be handle carefully.

There are some points will help your to jewelry to remain in excellent condition:

  • Handle all your ornaments very gently.
  • Avoid using of perfumes, salt water, soaps, body oil, lotions and any other chemicals as they can discolor, damage or dull your adored pearls.
  • Whenever you wash your hands,take off your rings and make sure the drainage must be close otherwise rings are very small they can slip from your hands.
  • Wear your jewelry after completing all your wearings and remove before putting off the rest of the things.
  •  While having some adventurous time, don’t wear jewelry it may damage or cause scratches to it.
  • Try not to expose them under the bright shine of sun.
  • To clean them, use soft brush or cotton which may not cause any injury to the ornaments.
  • Do not hang your necklace or chain, make sure they do not be stretch.
  • Place all the things in the safest, clean and dry place of your wardrobe, from where it wont fall.
  •  Avoid multiple wearing of particular item, it can effect by small scratches.

Why it needs so much care?

Jewelry is a precious tenure, they are very small items which needs to handle softly. These ornaments are made up of material such as Gemstones, if they are not original, it may harm the ornaments or may not be used for longer in life. Some are so delicate that may effect by the sunlight even, it is necessary to take proper care of all your adornments. It is also not important, that the design you are having today with you will stay longer in the market. The trend and designs changes with the time but the choice and assets don’t persists.