Saturday, July 25, 2015

Handkerchiefs – The Magic Folds In Pockets

Men hardly have desires of carrying any fashion accessories with their attire. But a true gentleman never step out of home without a handkerchief! This small piece of cloth often speaks about one's character, nature and personality.

Traveling with family or friends, out for attending business meeting or attending an event/party without a hanky in pocket mens' personality will be incomplete. The option are myriad from classic cotton handkerchiefs to printed, embroidered and fancy silk handkerchiefs. One can easily find a hanky in many colors and prints to suit their personality.

In this world of fashion, the handkerchiefs are better known for their new roles. Traditionally, these are carried for wiping off sweat, drying hands or even blowing nose. Today, they are more likely to be worn as a status symbol with formal suits, casual jeans and T-shirts. That's why they come in stylish prints and masculine patterns with perfect color combination so that men can feel comfortable in pulling them out in formal meeting or offering to someone in need.

Handy Tips For Adding Handkerchief

Tailored jackets or overcoats comes with chest pockets for holding a handkerchief to complete the attire looks. There are a couple of styles of folds to complement the suit. Some men use a monogrammed hanky for imparting an extra classy touch. So, some like to keep it simple and elegant with plain cotton or silk hanky.

There is no restriction in choosing the fabrics and prints of the hanky. So far color is concerned, try to match the color with a tie. Like, if you are wearing a tie with blue & white prints then go for blue or white pocket hanky. However, white is a universal color and can be complemented with all suits. Don't play hard to match the exact color shade of pocket hanky with tie. No matter, little mismatch of color will do the job.

Folds That Matter..!

Learning and practicing different folds is one of the popular business for men.There are folds which are easy to make yet looks elegant. Popular and complex fold follows the stylish looks of suits. The best fold is the one which will never draws anyone's attention. The Classic Folds, Square Folds & Inverted Puff are some of the popular folds worn by men.

One can go for One Point Folds, Two Point Folds, Pouf Folds to most popular Straight Folds for a business event or casual party. Handkerchief manufacturers have presented their collections that are suited for making some complex folds like Triangle Folds, Three Points Folds, Winged Puff and Three Stairs Folds.