Friday, July 10, 2015


Storage Systems
The manner in which an industrial house stores its goods or inventory has a direct effect on its operations and productivity level. Effective operations of industrial house implies best practice within four walls of the facility to facilitate the easy movement of inventory on a daily basis to streamline workflow. Since business continues to grow at an increasingly rapid rate, the greater need arises for proper storage and its management.

One thing has to remember - Storage is always dynamic not static. If not done in organized manner it will either create the mess or halt the business operation partially sometime even completely. It is largely important to learn the important aspect of storage systems which revolves around the following points of consideration,

  •     Strong, durable and long lasting,
  •     Have ability of safeguarding inventory from environmental effects,
  •     Provide fast and easy access with 100% selectivity,
  •     Provide efficient cube utilization,
  •     Economical in terms of cost,
  •     Provide high ROI with quick payback.
Various Types Of Storage Systems; It's Business-As-Usual !

Storage system manufacturers have presented innovative methods to cater industrial needs to great extend. These storage systems have been designed in complexity over past few decades so that they fulfill the requirements of an ideal storage system. Without a doubt, there is an array of products to choose from. However, a decision has to be made depending upon the business operation and production type.

  • Storage Tanks are often referred as reservoirs that are designed to hold and store liquids and compressed gases. To cater the diverse requirement of industry these tanks are available in many shapes and sizes with enhanced functionality. Vertical and horizontal cylindrical tank with open or closed top, floating or fixed roof, flat or conical bottom, slope or dish shape bottom are to mention. Some storage tanks feature either little or no pressure for storing chemicals along with refrigeration to hold dairy products.
  • Pallet Racking Systems are one of the widely used storage systems across the globe. As it serves the requirement for many manufacturing industries, supply chains houses, retail store and wholesalers. The pallet systems include rack shelves, upright frames, pallet shelving beam, wire decking, shelf supports, column protectors and rack back safety panels to provide rigid structure for holding weight.The pallet racking system is mainly of two types roll formed and structural bolt-together. However, drive in pallet racks, flow rack, push back pallet racks, motorized mobile pallet racks are also widely used.
  • Silos are tall tower type structures used in agriculture sectors for storing grains and food products. Tower silos, bunker silos and bag silos are the widely used types of silos in recent times. In addition, silos are also widely used for storing coal, cement, woodchips, sawdust and carbon black. As silos occupy less ground space as well as provide favorable storing conditions.