Saturday, July 18, 2015


Designer Lahega
Women- One of the most beautiful creations of God. She has different outlook and to make it more attractive, she decorates herself with designer outfit, ornament, make-up, etc. Somewhere she updates herself with Modernity, though whatever she likes to wear is considered as 'Her Trend'.

But always the question arises “What I wear?”

It has seen that most feminine has the same confusion that what one should wear. Though they have varieties, still they always look for something new. Every religion has different dress-up. For example- 'Gujarati' people wear 'Ghagra-choli', 'Punjabi' wear kurti with 'Patiyala salwaar' and 'Delhiite' prefer 'Jeans-top, Skirts, Shorts basically western culture.

A look on Indian, western and Indo-western outfits :

There are many different types of outfits like Indian, western and Indo-western and apart from that they also have sub-division categories like casual, party, formal and daily wear. Indian garments include sarees, Lehenga and suits; whereas western apparels includes denim, skirt, top. Indo-western refers to the kurti with leggings or plazo. If you are looking for formal look for office wear, then you can choose shirts, trousers, pants, ties.

Why do Women Wear Western and Indo-western Outfits?

It depends on the women that what kind of style she refers to wear. It may also depend on custom, that what a woman must wear. As some traditional or reserve families women prefer to wear saree, suit. Whereas some goes with the Western one; as it is something different and considered as the Modern Outlook and an advance culture which has some different lifestyles. And If we talk about Indo-western, than it includes the combination of both the trends-western and Indian, which indicates that there is modernity in thinking but “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani”.

Women wear must have some trendy, attractive appearance so that the one who is wearing the dress may appear more beautiful. It may vary by the choice of a particular woman, that what style she refers to wear. Everyone has numerous occasions in their daily routine. So, every role has different outfit, which reflects the personality of women.