Saturday, August 8, 2015


Cotton Towels
Cotton towel sets serves as a great gifting option and is a useful day to day essential. People buy them for their own use, as housewarming gifts and hooded towel sets are generally considered as an ideal present for babies. The hooded towels have a hood which sits over the babies head to dry their hair and keep their head warm after a bath. These cotton towels are very soft making sure that they are gentle to baby's skin. There is a variety of cotton towels available in the market depending on their make, style, designs and colors. For the budget conscious buyer, they can choose the bamboo cotton towel set. These are made from bamboo and are much stronger, softer and healthier than the normal cotton towel sets. These are made from 70% bamboo hence are eco friendly in nature.

A cotton towel set generally consists of a number of towels ranging in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. The set will more often than not consists of a hand towel, a bath towel, and a bath sheet, and with so many diverse colors and designs to choose from that selecting a set to go with a bathroom is very simple.

Another variety which is becoming immensely popular is the Organic towel sets. These towels are made from organic cotton which is grown without using any chemicals or pesticides. The color is obtained by natural resources or direct exposure to strong sunlight. These cotton towels are very soft and gentle on skin for people with sensitive skin or the ones prone to allergies.

Organic towels are easily available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors at most of the retail stores. These are further classified as bath towels, Egyptian towels and baby towels. If you are looking for fine quality along with luxury then Egyptian towel is the best choice. These are generally used by the rich and the famous due to its distinctive properties. It serves as an ideal gift for various occasions like wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, baby showers, mother’s day and for house warming parties. The softness of these Egyptian towels is generally due to the extra long staples which is called ELS. These are the finest blend of cotton which is highly durable, absorbent and super soft in touch. These have more widespread weaves than any other type of cotton. The towels made from these Egyptian cotton are very well liked and sought after because they are extremely soft and can absorb water easily as they have more extensive weaves in comparison with any other type of cotton towels. In addition, you can look out for varied qualities and blends which can match with your budget.