Monday, August 3, 2015

Tips to Buy Pure Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry
No wonder diamonds are called women’s best friends. After all, they are beautiful, stylish, and expensive! If you are looking for Diamond Jewelry, make sure to trust only the reliable companies or business houses and not just any other guy boasting of selling high quality Diamond Jewellery. The important issue here is that are the companies reliable in the way they are calling themselves. And most important is the technique to distinguish the reliable from the frauds. For that you need to have some basic knowledge of the diamonds related to its cut, clarity, carat, and color. These are the 4 Cs that if you will check out before buying the Diamond Jewelry, then you can never go wrong. Let us explore these Cs: 


It is the cut of the diamond that influence the major part of the pricing, as cut determines the beauty and brilliance of the diamond. However, don’t connect the shape of the diamond with the cut. This C refers the beauty of the diamond by making it look accurate from every facet. And obviously, brilliantly creates facet looks more elegant and attractive. Buyers looking to buy diamonds online make sure to check the cut of the diamond as mentioned in the product detail and match it up once you receive from the product. 


Do you know that most expensive diamonds are colourless? Although, diamonds are found in variety of colors such as brown, yellow, white, and others, but it is advisable for you to choose “milky” color as it always stays in fashion and you can get good return if you plan to resell in the market. 


When we talk about the clarity of the diamond, we are generally talking about its purity. Never ever invest on Diamond Jewelry in which the diamonds have visible flecks, cracks, chips, or its feathering. Diamonds are categorized on basis of the clarity:
  • F: flawless
  • VVS: Very, very slightly included
  • VS: Very slightly included
  • SI: Slightly included
  • I: Included


Carat determines the weight of the diamond. Whenever you buy a diamond jewelry make sure to check the weight of the diamond the on the scale of 100 which contains 100 of points. As, 100 points make 1 carat.

Hope the information would help you to begin your search for the diamond Jewelry with utmost confidence. You can check various web portals to buy latest fashion Jewelry.