Monday, August 17, 2015

Everything about Solar Panels

Solar Power Panels are not a technological wonder anymore. We all have a basic idea of the product; however, many users are still not aware of the cost-effectiveness of the product. Here, let’s begin with the introduction. Solar Power Panels are efficient solar photovoltaic (PV), which captures the sun’s energy with its photovoltaic cells. Some people might think that these panels are not effective on cloudy days. This is not completely true as with the advent of technology, the cells can generate some electricity even on cloudy days, which can be used to run home appliances.

How Solar Panels Work?

Photovoltaic Cells of the solar panels are made from semi-conducting material such as silicone. As the light falls on it, it generates an electric field around the layers. Stronger the light more is the electricity production. Now, these cells are mounted together in groups in the form of panels on a roof or on the ground, at whatever place it can extract maximum sunlight for the production of electricity.


Solar Panels efficiency completely depends upon the construction of the modules that generates electricity. Commonly, solar modules cannot cover the complete solar range that leads to the wastage of sunlight energy by solar modules. These modules if worked up with the monochromatic light can have better efficiencies as compared to the sunlight energy. Up-till now, the maximum conversion rate from the Sunlight energy by solar panel is up to 21.5%. It is calculated through MPP (Maximum Power Point). High capacity solar panels have high conversion ratios.


Solar module performance is measured through STC, also known as Standard Test Conditions such as temperature of the module up to 25 degree Celsius, solar spectrum of AM 1.5, and irradiance of 1,000 W/m².


The normal conversion ratio of solar panels is up to 20% however; dust, grimes, pollens, and others can cover the outer layer of the panel and can reduce the efficiency of the panels up to 30%. Thus it is advisable to clean and properly maintain the panels. 


Buy Solar Power Panels from the reliable sources as it can help you with proper installations. It is not very difficult to find the right suppliers with the advent of various business portals that keep the list of companies dealing solar energy panels. Buyers are requested to log on to these portals and check out the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and traders dealing in this sector. However, verify the details and negotiate well before investing.