Saturday, September 12, 2015

Leading Indian Iron & Steel Plants

 Iron & Steel Products
Iron and Steel industry is one of the leading industry in India. It provides employment to millions of people and is the backbone of several other commercial ventures. Transport, communication and every other manufacturing unit is dependent on it. As iron is found in excess in India, it is the key business venture of our country. India is the fourth largest producer of Iron and Steel, first three being China, European Union and United States.

Our total production is about 55 million tonnes a year and it is about 7%-8% of the total production at global level. Steel and Iron Authority of India Ltd. has left behind many accredited producers of the world. Out of the total produce, we export about 55% of it, due to global increase in demand.

Major Iron & Steel Plants Of India

After doing thorough research about annual facts and figures of production of Iron and Steel, I came across some of the major producers, who have major hand in making our country, a leading exporter and supplier. Major plants are:
  • Tata (TISCO): It the oldest production centre of India, established in 1907 by Jamshedji Tata at Sakchi in Singhbhum district of Jharkhand.
  • Indian (IISCO): This plant was formed when three plants Kulti, Hirapur and Bumpur in West Bengal were merged together. It was brought under government control in 1972.
  • The Visweswaraya: Prior established as Mysore Iron and Steel Company (MISCO) in 1923. It is situated on the banks of river Bhadravati in Karnataka.
  • Bhilai: It was set up in Durg district of Chhattisgarh in 1957 with the support of Soviet Union. It started production in 1959.
  • Rourkela: Hindustan Steel Limited at Rourkela is situated in Orissa. It started it's operation in 1959.
  • Durgapur: The Hindustan Steel Ltd. is located at Durgapur in West Bengal, established in 1959. It's production started in 1962.
  • Bokaro: It is a public sector company was set up in 1964 and come into operation in 1972.
  • The Salem: It is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. It commercially started production in 1982.

Sectors It Caters

Demand of steel and iron has increased in conventional areas like automotive, housing, pipes,construction and packaging, so government has also decreased custom duty. Iron and Steel Industry caters to the needs of several sectors including:
  • Power Generation
  • Fuel
  • Transportation
  • Real-Estate
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Automobile
  • Housing
  • Railways