Thursday, September 17, 2015

Applications of Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps
Industrial submersible pumps are used nowadays in myriad of places whether they are in rural or urban areas. They found use mainly in agriculture and public places where the reach of tap water is difficult. These are usually made through stainless steel, cast iron, and processes such as molding, fishing, etc. The construction of these submersible pumps is robust and sturdy with their shape normally being vertical. Bearing blush is the most important part of theses pumps which is self-lubricated type. Listing on some of the few notable submersible pumps, we have cast iron submersible pump, heavy duty submersible pump, sewage submersible pump, stainless steel submersible pump, etc.

These pumps serves well in situations such as firefighting services, construction, mining, irrigation, etc. normally the manufacturers construct these pumps in varied dimensions, capacity and phases according to clients requirements.

These pumps used in ESP installations operate in vertical position and are also known as multistage centrifugal pumps. They have continuously evolved over years and their construction and operational features have undergone a significant advancement in functioning and performance.

They utilize the concept of the conversion of kinetic energy to pressure energy which is their main operational form. When the liquid is subjected to high centrifugal force caused by rotational speed of the impeller, the loss of kinetic energy to the diffuser takes place. Radial and mixed flow pumps operate on this principle.

These pumps can be categorized as single stage and multi stage pumps. Single stage pumps can be used for drainage, industrial pumping, sewage pumping etc. also they are used as pond filters. The multi stage submersible pumps are lowered down a borehole and used mainly in commercial and residential purposes, oil wells, etc.

These pumps can be further used for sewage treatment, water well, irrigation etc.

The type of the submersible pump to be used depends upon the type of liquid to be used, as with contaminated and combustible liquids the pump must be designed not to ignite or affect the liquid.

These pumps are also used for oil production. By lowering the pressure at the bottom of the well, more oil can be extracted as compared to traditional natural production. The reason for this fast and optimum performance is their ability to get operated through electricity. Thus they are also termed as electrical submersible pumps. It consists of both surface and sub-surface components. Surface components can be motor controller, transformers, etc. while subsurface components consist of pump, seal, cables, etc.