Thursday, October 8, 2015

Maintenance of Coils

In every heavy duty electronic product such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., there is a twisted wire like structure that regulates a lot of function. These twisted wires are called Coils, and are broadly used as condensing parts in machines. Thus the maximum level of dust and dirt is found around these parts. Since the work efficiency of many electronic products is totally dependent on these twisted wires, it becomes very essential to take care of regular maintenance and cleanliness of these parts for the proper functionality of such heavy duty machines.

The Coils Manufacturers are the one who hold the knowledge and expertise in the processing and maintenance of their products. It is even better to call a professional to take care your equipment. But maintaining these twists is not as difficult as most of us think.

You need to follow the procedure step by step:
  • The first and foremost step is to switch off the electronic supply to your machine.
  • Then take off all the wires from the wall socket that connects the machine.
  • Dismantle the limited parts of the machine if required, but only by following the instructions mentioned on the box of that machine.
  • Reach the twisted wired part, Condensers or Coils.
  • Start cleaning it with water, foaming material and chemical.
  • After it is treated with the chemical or detergent, clean it with a dry towel.
  • Let that part dry out completely.
  • Make sure your entire machine is dry and not wet from any other part too.
  • Put on the wires back to the socket and switch on your machine.

You need to take care of the quality of major things required for their cleanliness, like the cloth and chemical. In most of the condensers, your regular detergent will do, the one which you use to wash your vehicles. And it is better to use a foam for cleaning rather than a cloth, since foam is capable of reaching the extreme corners of the twisted wires where our fingers cannot reach while using a cloth.

Once you have learnt the simple tricks of cleaning your machines, taking care of them becomes easy, which enhances the life of your product. If you wish to know more about the cleaning methods for such parts, you may ask the Coils Suppliers while procuring your product. Furthermore, the directions to use and maintain a product are always mentioned on its cover. Learn the simple moves and ensure a long lasting and hassle free performance for all your electronic items.