Friday, October 9, 2015

Glimpse of Die Castings

Die Castings
The Die Castings is an engineering method of molding components that are required to cast. This method is being used from 2 centuries. The popular metals used in this process are the non-ferrous metals, like Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Lead, Pewter, Tin, Aluminum, etc. These metals are treated at a very high temperature that varies from 10 to 210 mpa. The two types of equipment used in this process are the Hot Chamber Process and the Cold Chamber Process.

The process of molding the metals helps in obtaining the castings in a variety of specifications, such as shapes, sizes and thickness. The cavities are intricately designed into multifaceted appealing shapes. This procedure of molding the casts is highly favored, since it adds on to the product’s durability, and dimensional accuracy. Moreover, it helps in attaining smooth surface.

The common Die Castings techniques used in this process are Mold Layout, Mold Fabrication and System Automation. This molding method can be carried out in four ways:

  • Single Cavity: used for creating single component
  • Multiple Cavity: used for creating a number of identical parts
  • Unit Die: used to create different components at the same time
  • Combinations Die: used to create various parts for an assembly

These methods help in casting up to 4500 pounds per square inch. These helps in attaining high quality, dense, heat treatable components and castings with low or high porosity. Pressure Injection, Crunch Casting, Squeeze Casting and Semi Solid Molding are some other kinds of procedures that are applied for some particular uses. The soft castings can be easily thawed but the hard or strong castings cannot be reversed to get the original metals.

The Die Castings Manufacturers around the world prefer this method of molding components owing to its easy usage. This is a very inexpensive process; and it makes the complex applications simpler and effective. Furthermore, there is negligible human efforts required in this process since it is completely automatic and time saving. The use of fully automatic methods in casting enhances the production efficiency.

This method is widespread for the manufacture of various sorts of consumer goods and electronic industry. Clients of electronic, building and constructional industry often look for the best Die Castings Suppliers to make their product flawless and impressive. Offered in a variety of metals by the suppliers, these molded castings are capable of fulfilling the divergent demands of clients of various industries.