Friday, October 16, 2015

Planetary Mixers - The basic necessity of pastry shops, bakeries

Planetary Mixers
My personal favorite equipment of bakery industry is Planetary Mixers that are most commonly used by the chefs and bakers. Used for mixing the food, pigment, additives, pharmaceutical, plastic and other goods, you can find this type of Mixer in most of the shops. The main part of this Mixer is its fixed bowl which is attached at the base of the machine and can be easily removed. It is so versatile in nature that the chefs or bakers use the paddle attachment of this machine for creaming or blending dough together. One of the main advantage of Planetary Mixer is that it has interchangeable attachments thus, preferred by the bakeries and pastry shops. Ideal for preparing dough, batter mixing and meat grinding, Planetary Mixers are used in restaurants, hotels, bakeries, pizzerias and food joints.

To meet the specified needs of the customers, manufacturers produce the Mixers in various models like spiral mixer, oblique axis, horizontal or barrel, pressurized planetary mixers, dispersion mixers, intermix mixers, vacuum mixer etc. Out of all these, Planetary Mixers are considered as the widely used mixer along with which you get also avail accessories like speed drives, vacuum and jacketing for cooling or heating from the Planetary Mixer Manufactures. If you are planning to buy Mixers just think about the kind and volume of products you are planning to make. Planetary Mixers have the ability to operate at different temperature and pressures and additionally, have internal & external heating systems.
You can purchase Mixers in double, multi purpose, pharma, automatic, commercial and other types from the Planetary Mixer Suppliers. They are offering this particular product in various unique designs, material, sizes, weight, dimensions, capacities and volume. Also, the Planetary Mixers are come in several speeds for different mixing levels. Generally, they are used for kneading and mixing viscous paste in the vacuum or normal atmospheric conditions. By mixing various ingredients with each other, this machine produces high quality homogeneous mixture.

Notable Features of Planetary Mixers
  • Planetary Mixers have artistic & durable designs, easy to operate, consume less power and produces low noise during the operations.
  • Have high shearing force as compared to the conventional mixers & perfect for mixing different ingredients thus, useful for food, chemical, plastic, mineral & pharmaceutical industries.
  • Easy to disassemble for sanitizing and cleaning purposes.
  • Have high speed dispensing blade and vacuum options that ensures high performance.