Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Features and uses of the Round Bars

Bright Round Bars
Popularity of Round Bars are increasing day by day in automobile, engineering and oil industries due to their abrasion resistant nature, high tensile strength and non corrosive properties. Due to all these attributes, I personally recommend that the companies engaged in the sectors like construction, transportation, petrochemical etc. should utilize Round Bars in the making of valves, fittings, flanges, chemical & fuel tankers and many other industrial goods. The metal produced by various steel mills or aluminium plant is in the form of long stripes in different sizes & shapes. Then these stripes are further cut into various pieces and cool at required temperature to become a bar stock. Round Bars are made up of various material like stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, carbon steel etc. Amongst the all, Stainless Steel Round Bars are the most usable metal in the industries due to their good surface condition and high visual appeal.

Round Bars Manufacturers mainly utilize two methodologies to produce the Round Bars that are cold finished and hot finished process. The manufacturers mainly use stainless steel material in the production of Round bars, they put the carbon electrodes within the furnace which is contacted with the nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen at a very high temperature. When the blast furnace reached up to its optimum temperature, metal alloys are produced and underwent through the process of de-carbonization. This allow the metal alloy to go through argon vessel & casting of alloy is started that makes the steel ready to mould in any shapes. After the completion of all these stages, the manufactures utilize steel to make high quality Round Bars that are further useful for producing subways, sign boards, escalators, elevators and lifts.

With the purpose to achieve desired mechanical & physical properties, the Round Bars are heated by the manufacturing companies through the processes of oil hardening, solution annealing, normalizing and temperature soft annealing. From the Round Bars Suppliers, you can purchase the respective product in different shapes, sizes, finishes, lengths, diameter, grades, tempers and dimensions.

Various Advantages of using Round Bars
  • This type of Bars have high tolerance capability thus, used to produce valve parts, pipe fitting, shaft, heat exchangers, marine, oil and gas industries.
  • The rust proof finishing of the Round Bars makes them non corrosive.
  • They are stain resistant and have superb surface finishing.
  • Due to their high visual appeal used to make different kind of industrial goods.