Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Application Scope Of Stainless Steel Tubes

Stainless Steel Tubes
Stainless Steel Tubes

The applications of stainless steel tubing are increasing day-by-day. As they provide a combination of benefits over other material. Stainless steel tubes possess high strength, resistance to corrosion and heat, thereby making a suitable metal for applications based on most challenging environments. Most of the marine activities, pharmaceutical processing, power generation activities along with companies involves in processing oil and gas employ different grade of stainless steel tubes in their process. In addition, the stainless steel tubing are also being used as a channel to material from one processing line to another in following sectors.

  •     Food Processing applications
  •     Chemical and petrochemical processing
  •     Fertilizers processing
  •     Piping for LNG (Liquid Natural Gas)
  •     Pharmaceutical processing
  •     Wastewater projects

Stainless Steel Tubes vs Piping
In the engineering sector, pipe and tubes are both regarded as a hollow structure of metals. Both of them have their different dimensions which make them specific to various types of applications. Pipes are generally used for transporting fluids or gases so they are measured with their inner diameters before considering them for applications. On the other hand, tubings are used in structures so the measurement is taken with including its outer diameter.

There are certain applications which involve high pressure and exposure to corrosive environment. Sometimes, the wall of the tube is too thick to be rolled or welded. In all such cases, application of seamless stainless steel tube seams suitable and practical. As stainless steel tubes provided number of additional benefits over stainless steel pipes. Some are as follows
  •     Tubes have good strength and ductility,
  •     They are easy to fabricate,
  •     Maintaining tubes are also easy,
  •     Have excellent durability,
  •     Posses excellent resistance to corrosion,
  •     Can be recycle number of times.

Stainless Steel Tubes – The Various Shapes & Grades

Various shapes and grade of stainless steel tubes are manufactured in order to cater broad requirements of industry. The shapes of these tubes range from square, rectangle, circle to oval. The thickness of tubes also ranges from different application, likewise tubes being used in aerospace, military, industrial and nuclear developments are made with toughest alloys and thickness.

On the other hand, industries which involve manufacturing of medical implants, automotive parts, manufacturing plants, pulp and paper employ medium grade of stainless steel tubing according to their requirements. The construction of high-quality buildings and industrial gas lines make use of stainless steel tubes over galvanized steel or copper as they tend to corrode over time, thereby shortening the life of structures or piping system.