Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Devote Yourself in the Beauty of Pooja with Pure Pooja Articles & Items

Pooja Articles
Pooja is performed as a way to honor and worship God by Hindus. The pooja is performed every morning and evening to seek the blessings of God as well as to ask his forgiveness against one's sins. There are some special poojas which are performed on special days or festivals to spiritually celebrate the remembrance of their ancestors. Temples around the country hold pooja to worship God every day. However, these poojas can also be performed at home either by the priest or by oneself with all family members.

For achieving the spiritual benefit from pooja, the presence of necessary pooja articles is equally important. Also, these pooja articles are cleaned and purified before performing pooja. As pooja is a very divine act which is performed with utmost purity and cleanliness. The pooja items manufacturers have presented a wide variety of pooja samagri that are required to perform various rituals of pooja.

Mandir –
The mandir for pooja room are available in many designs that are crafted using different materials and expert skills of artisans of India. These mandir can turn any ordinary space into a relaxing and soothing corner for meditating and performing pooja.

Idols –
Pooja is performed in front of idols. These idols hold a great religious value and significance during pooja. These idols are kept in the mandir in a right manner before as well as clean and purified performing pooja.

Pooja Thali –
Many beautiful collection of pooja thali are available in the market. Many of them have engraved swastika or idol. Pooja thali are used for holding diya, bell, small container for kumkum, incense stick along with prasad and flower while performing pooja aarti.

Diyas – Pooja diyas are one of the important religious items. These diyas are lighted and placed in the mandir as well as are used while performing pooja. The beautiful diyas made of earthen pots, gold, silver, copper, glass and brass are available to light up your mandir or pooja room.

Incense Sticks/Dhoop –
Lightening incense sticks or dhoop is not only the part of Hindu pooja rituals; but also have a soothing and relaxing effect on the mind. So incense stick is lighted to increase the meditation power of brain while performing pooja.

Pooja Accessories – There are many other pooja articles that are traditionally used while performing pooja. Some of them are roli, lotas, chowkis, chopdas along with garlands, Rudraksha malas and flowers.