Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Purchasing Your Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine are an essentialist of life be it for commercial or household purposes. But while purchasing your sewing machine, the purpose needs to be clear, it is so because the Sewing Machine Parts of a household sewing machine are different from that of an industrial sewing machine. The household machines are basically used for stitching the apparels, curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers, etc. Whereas the industrial machines are used for carrying out the stitching purposes of huge and hard things that too on a large scale. This includes stitching of travel bags, jute bags, and many other extra-large sized bags used for transportable goods. The fabrics used in the industries also vary.

The 17 Basic Sewing Machine Parts are:

  1. Spool pin
  2. Thread guide
  3. Tension disc
  4. Take up lever
  5. Needle bar
  6. Bobbin case
  7. Presser foot
  8. Presser foot lifter
  9. Stitch regulator
  10. Bobbin winder
  11. Fly Wheel
  12. Clutch or Thumb Screw
  13. Slide Plate
  14. Needle Plate or Throat Plate
  15. Feed dog
  16. Face plate
  17. Spool pin for bobbin winding

Sewing machines are designed for carrying out different and specific purposes. Each machine is composed of these seventeen parts but their specifications vary in terms of dimension, size, shape, physical appearance, tension bearing capacity, load bearing ability, etc. The Sewing Machine Parts Manufacturers take into consideration the purpose that the sewing machine is going to serve after being fabricated, and then accordingly create different types of parts.
  • Two Popular Types of Sewing Machines
  • Mechanical
  • Computerized

The Sewing Machine Parts in each types are for sure different, thus it is suggested to understand the purpose your machine is going to serve. Both are effective in serving the best to their particular specified areas. There is a big difference in their purchase cost, all because the usage varies and the users are different.

In case you have an ordinary machine that you are fond of using and you do not want to replace with a brand new machine, you may also get your old machine upgraded with the new parts to suit your modern day requirements. The Sewing Machine Parts Suppliers offer you various machine parts in all the possibilities of household or commercial usage. Consulting an expert or professional would help you get all new features in your old machine; though a mechanical machine is for sure not convertible into a computerized machine.