Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Interesting Facts about ECG Machines

ECG Machines
What do mean by ECG Machines?

The ECG refers to the Electrocardiogram equipment used in hospitals to monitor the functioning of a patient’s heart. It helps a lot in detecting and diagnosing the abnormalities in the heart rate. These are most commonly found in the heart care centers.

How does an Electrocardiogram Machine operate?

This machine records the electrical impulses that are produced by the human heart. It does not disturb the functioning of the heart at all. It helps the heart specialists diagnose the heart by detecting the heart in the following terms:
  • Heartbeat rate and regularity
  • Positioning and size of the cardiac chambers
  • Diseased or damaged tissue, as well as structural abnormalities
  • Pacemakers and surgical repairs, as well as the effects of certain drugs on the heart

The machines counts the heartbeat and prepares a graph. It displays the readings in the form of signals that are understood by the heart specialists or doctors. The only function it cannot measure that the heart does is the measurement of blood flow.

Different Parts of an ECG Machine:

This machine works with a set of instruments, which together detect the heart’s activities.

Electrodes: Attached to the main unit of machine. A machine needs 12 electrodes to monitor and record the rhythm of the heart.
Amplifier: Receives electrical signal from electrodes and converts them for output.
Output Devices: Prints the electrical signal through computers, magnetic tapes, oscilloscopes and paper strips.

Types of Electrocardiogram Machines:

There are different types of electrocardiogram machines or devices that vary in their display features such as the amount of information to be displayed. These machines also differ in their sizes, which makes them portable or non-portable. The hospitals and healthcare centers usually have a large size of electrocardiogram machine. Yet there exist various small and portable machines that are commonly used in homes. This helps in regularly diagnosing a heart patience. These machines are very easy to use however, it is suggested to get the reports analyzed by the specialists.

Buying an Electrocardiogram Machine:

There are a lot of ECG Machines Manufacturers in the industry, and the concerned buyers, whether from hospital, healthcare center or from home, need to find the reliable ones. This machine needs to be undoubtedly reliable, since it is used to diagnose human heart and its accurate results help in curing deadly heart diseases.

The trustworthy ECG Machines Suppliers would be the ones who provide guarantee on these machines without any doubt.