Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Importance of Lightning Protection System

Lightning Protection System
What is a Lightning Protection System?

There are a lot of invaluable things in your homes, offices, etc. that are essential for daily usage and that are vulnerable to lighting strikes. All the electronic items such as television, radio, computer, laptops, mobile chargers, refrigerator, mixer grinder, microwave, toaster, and, many more household and official items that get struck from lighting and electric shocks. Here emerges the need and role of Lightning Protection System. This is a kind of electronic or electrical supply that is used to keep your building safe and protected from the damage caused by adverse lighting effects which occur due to sudden and uncontrolled high voltage currents. These systems are designed to keep your buildings resilient against any sort of damage that is caused due to sudden short circuit, lighting or voltage problems.

How does it work?

A Lightning Protection System is designed in such a way that it reduces the chances of lightning striking directly that damages the electronic items. However, they do not stop the lightning strike. This type of system rather provides a way of controlling the high voltage currents. They act as a barrier that stops damage on your equipment by providing a low resistance path for the discharge of strong lighting energy. What is does is that it provides a low resistance path from the building towards the ground in such a way that the enormous energies dispersed into the earth in a harmless way. This system creates a path from where the lightning or high voltage currents can enter and leave to the earth, while making it negligible to damage anything.

A lot of equipment combine together to complete a system used as a lighting protector. The equipment are indicate deterioration module, current fuse protector, temperature control breaker and semi-conductive protective device. A traditional type of tool that is widely used is the Lightning Rod.

Who needs a Lightning Protection System?

Lighting or high voltage currents are caused due to heavy rains, strong thunder and lightning storms that are a natural and cannot be controlled manually. But luckily we have found a tremendous way of controlling our properties from the consequences under such circumstances. Every building is different as so are the lighting strikes. We cannot justify which building is purely safe from the beginning of its construction nor can we say which lighting will strike up to which extent. Thus it is essential to keep all the buildings, homes and offices safe from the destructive lighting effects.