Monday, February 8, 2016

Guide to buying good bed linens

Bed Linen
When we consider bedding, only one thing comes to mind - Comfort. That is why, we all wish for bed lines which are super soft, cozy, comfortable and can give us a good night's sleep. Bed linens are made from a variety of materials such as cotton, silk, linen, nylon and many more. These days, these are being made from environmental-friendly base materials which are good for our overall wellness and for the planet too.

Available in a large spectrum of patterns and prints, these are very durable, long lasting, tear resistant and easily match with covers, pillows and other upholstery items giving a holistic uplift to bedrooms. The bed linens can range from simple and minimalistic to exquisite and sophisticated. Furthermore, some bed linens (specifically the ones being made from silk) also have the ability to regulate body temperature, making one feel warmer in winter and cooler in summers. Based on customers' preferences, these linens can also be customized for their specific usage and decorative needs.

To put it clearly and precisely, the main attraction of any bedroom is a warm, inviting bed. Sprucing up your bed with linens made from attractive colors and varied textures is the easiest and perhaps the most cost effective way to enhance the overall look of your bedroom.

To elaborate further, below are some points that one should always follow while buying a bed linen:

  • Select seasonal tones, such as indigo in cooler months and soft greys in warm weather.
  • Do not be misleaded into believing that thread count is the only parameter of a good bed linen, always remember the strength of a linen is determined by the strength of it's fiber. Moreover, greater thread count means heavier linen, which can make you feel very uncomfortable during summer months.
  • Linens made from poly cotton blends are always easier to care for with negligible ironing required.
  • As for natural fibers, linens made from cotton are generally very comfortable, long lasting, thus giving the best value for money.
  • For special occasions, linens with adornments of beads, pearls, sequins, precious stones and colorful stripes can be chosen.

Till some decades ago, bed linen was thought to be a simple fabric for essential use in bedrooms but with passing time, people seemingly realized the importance of attractive linens in their upholstery. The linens that were once available in some basic colors only, now come in a vast array of bright colors, stylish designs, beautiful motifs and in many more endless specifications to meet the special demands of clients based across the globe.