Thursday, February 18, 2016

Costume and fashion jewelry : Gaining popularity across the globe

Jewelry has been a part of various traditions and cultures since many millennial. From perforated beads in Africa during the pre historic period to usage of gold as jewelry by Egyptians 3000-4000 years ago, jewelry has many legends and folklore associated with it and also gives an insight into how ancient cultures worked and evolved.

Jewelry, as made from fine metals and by using precious gemstones is pretty expensive. Fashion costume jewelry is an ideal alternative for it, these mirror the look of finer jewelry by using less expensive materials like plated metals, semi precious gems etc.

Components of fashion costume jewelry:

When it's usage began in the early 18th century, rhinestones or Lucite set in nickel or brass were used to make costume and fashion jewelry. With passing time, materials used to design fashion costume jewelry changed and evolved as well. During the world war period, sterling silver, owing to its resemblance to platinum's color was widely used by fashion costume jewelry manufacturers to create & design jewelry which is affordable to the majority of people.

Contemporarily, fashion costume jewelry manufacturers use a wide range of materials for making fashion jewelry that can range from crystals, simulated diamonds to acrylic beads with shiny coatings and also semi precious stones.

Popular fashion costume jewelry items which are highly popular these days amongst fashion conscious ladies are Metallic cufflinks, Multi gemstone jewelry, Turquoise bangles, Hand embroidered fashion jewelry, Bio energy pendant, quantum pendant etc.

Reasons for the rising popularity of fashion costume jewelry:
  • These are easily accessible in a wide range of varieties at affordable rates These are trendy, quirky and can be worn in any occasion with Indian and western attires
  • Perfect for daily use & can compliment traditional wear and formal wear, unlike original gold and precious jewelry
  • Rising disposable incomes in people and the desire to constantly update and reinvent their look
  • Owing to these being an inexpensive alternative to traditional jewelry, people can wear these casually without the fear of suffering from heavy losses in case the jewelry gets damaged or stolen
Fashionable costume jewelery items are highly favored and equally loved by women of all ages owing to their premium quality and fine finishing. A wide range of artificial jewellery including bracelets, earrings, choker necklaces, pendants, toe rings are available in the market in multitude colors, designs, styles which would surely compliment the beauty & personality of the wearer. These are the most economical form of jewelry items which are pocket-friendly at the same time.