Friday, February 19, 2016

How to Pick the Best Cotton Towels

Cotton towels are ideal for drying or wiping body or a surface. As compared to towels made from other fabrics, these have more thread count and thickness. Furthermore, cotton towels are shrinkage resistant and have optimal color fastness. These towels are widely favored by people owing to their long lasting nature, tear resistance and high durability; the must have traits as these are used innumerable times daily. These are available in different sizes and types including bath towels, beach towels, face towels, massage towels, salon towels and many more. Moreover, these can also be easily customized on parameters of patterns, logos, colors, sizes, designs etc. Affordable in prices, these towels are easy to wash & simple to maintain.

Types of cotton used to make Cotton towels:
  • Pima cotton – Basically American in origin, it is also called as extra long staple cotton. Pima cotton towels are most widely used in the united states
  • Turkish cotton- Grown in the Aegean area of Turkey, towels made from this type of cotton have long fibers
  • Asiatic cotton- Asiatic cotton contains fibers with lengths lesser than one inch and has a scratchy texture
  • Peruvian cotton – Towels made from Peruvian cotton are popular for their fuzziness and contain fibers that are like wool
  • Egyptian cotton – Highest quality cotton that basically has yellowish fibers. Towels made from these have a very luxurious feel and are very expensive

Choosing the perfect cotton towel
  • Check for the towel's density of fabric. The higher it is, the more effective and long lasting it will be. To ascertain this easily, always remember, the higher a towel's fabric density, the heavier it is.
  • Check for absorbency capability of the towel, a good cotton towel is soft, thick and very absorbent
  • A superior quality towel will take time to dry off, owing to these being thicker and high in GSM( grams per square meter)
  • An ideal cotton towel will consist of noticeable extra long cotton fibers
  • Also, good quality towels provided by cotton towel manufacturers will be very soft on a person's skin and have minimal shedding while washing