Monday, February 15, 2016

How to clean and maintain Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds are one of the toughest and rarest gems which are scratch proof, resistant to chemicals and have tremendous shine that can attract your eye a mile away. Diamond wedding rings and engagement rings are most popular these days as diamonds symbolize everlasting loyalty, compassion, feeling of friendship and love.

Now a days, diamond jewelry including rings, studs, earrings, mangalsutras, bracelets, pendants and necklaces can be found easily which are ideal gift for every special occasion and can compliment both western and Indian attire. These can make the wearer stand out in the crowd and can also add a sophisticated look to their personality.

Diamond is the hardest natural substance existing on earth which can easily cut rock or metal. It can be burnt by heating between 1290-1650 degrees Fahrenheit. However, dirt and oil from hands during daily chores can form a deposit or layer on diamonds and these may lose their sparkle and appeal.

Below mentioned are few tips on keeping your diamond sparkling for ever :

  • Use your diamond jewelry sparingly : Diamond jewelry can easily attract grease. In order to keep them clean and maintain their brilliance and fire, it's recommended not to wear them during doing dishes and other daily household chores.
  • Clean your diamond jewelry regularly : These can be cleaned by soaking them in gentle degreasing solution once or twice a week. After jewelry is removed from cleaning solution, a soft bristle & clean toothbrush can be used to remove remaining dirt & oil and a soft cloth can be use to dry these.
  • Don’t use bleach and other harmful solutions : Household cleansers, chlorine bleach, toothpaste & abrasives should never be used to clean diamond jewelry.
  • Be cautious while using ultrasonic cleaners : Sometimes ultrasonic cleaner is most apt to remove encrusted dirt from diamond jewelry. But these may also shake loose stones from their mountings and can also chip the girdles of diamonds that are set next to each other.
Few Maintenance Tips :
  • Do not keep diamond jewelry with other jewelry
  • Store in secure container with cotton pads and fabric lining    
  • Visit jewelry store atleast once a year to check if the setting between diamonds in a jewelry is abraded and needs repair