Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fine jewelry: Eternally fashionable and enduring

Fine Jewelry
Fine jewelry is the most exquisite form of jewelry, it is crafted from rare metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, diamond etc. Simply put, fine jewelry is the highest grade, the most beautiful as well as the most expensive of all jewelry. From beaded necklaces that include the rarest of gems and stones to antique jewelry, stone studded bangles and diamond necklaces, fine jewelry suppliers in India offer a wide gamut of these for the well heeled people who have a taste for elegance and novelty. Furthermore, fine jewelry manufacturers are also increasingly becoming more imaginative in their craft fueled by specific demands for new and unique jewelry designs from fine jewelry lovers. Fine jewelry are breathtakingly beautiful and can be worn with sarees, salwar kameez, lehengas in all special occasions.

Fine jewelry components: An insight

As mentioned above, fine jewelry is made from rare metals, gems and stones that are formed naturally inside the earth's surface over billions of years. To put it into perspective using some components of fine jewelry;
  • Diamonds are formed at depths of over 140km in the earth's surface due to high temperature and pressure from carbon containing minerals. These are then brought near the earth's surface through volcanic eruptions. This whole process makes diamonds very rare and difficult to discover.
  • As for gold, it is carved out from the earth's surface where it was delivered by asteroid impacts around four billion years ago
  • While platinum is even rarer and occurs majorly in nickel and copper ores in Africa.Only a few hundred tonnes of platinum are produced every year, making it very valuable

Although scientists in some instances have created synthetic diamonds and lab created gold with almost exact physical properties as of natural ones, still these aren't considered similar by people. This is partly due to the persistent lobbying and advertising by the mining industry and also partly because of the fact that natural diamonds and gold still have some distinguishing features that cannot be duplicated in lab created ones.

Fine jewelry gift guide

Nothing would surpass a well chosen jewelry as a gift. Although fine jewelry is appropriate for gifting on almost all occasions, be it birthdays, festivals, weddings, farewells and many more. To illustrate further,
  • Earrings, necklaces and rings made from diamonds are an ideal gift for any landmark occasion in a person's life, like it would be appropriate to gift these when someone celebrates his/her 50th birthday, marriage etc.
  • Fine jewelry made from gold is apt for birthday gifts, rakhi gifts, festival gifts and many more.
  • Pendants and bracelets made from fine metals can be given as a token of friendship or as professional gifts to people.
  • Fine jewelry containing precious stones and gems are also used for astrology. So if one is looking for a gift to give on some auspicious occasion, these are perfect.

Storing your Fine jewelry

Although fine jewelry manufacturers very purposefully articulate the inherent durability of fine jewelry, still some precautions should be taken while storing these to maintain their luster. Some of these steps are keeping fine jewelry stored in a clean cloth lined box, keeping these away from chemicals and if possible cosmetics also. Furthermore, no soap or detergent should be used to clean fine jewelry. Also, preferably these should be stored away from extreme temperatures and should be protected against UV rays.