Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mouth freshener: Eliminates bad mouth odor

As is said, the way one speaks to other people goes a long way in deciding how favorably he/she is viewed by them. Sages from the past have said that “a cultured and classy person must be articulate and possess the requisite linguistic skills”. Along with speaking well, a good mouth odor is also must because when one speaks to someone, he/she generally is only some inches away. So it is plausible that the other person might be put off by a bad mouth odor. Herein lies the importance of mouth fresheners. The fresheners keep your breath fresh and are ideal to be consumed after lunch, breakfast, dinner and other meals.

Mouth freshener manufacturers across the country make the fresheners from a wide assortment of natural ingredients, with a special emphasis given to ensuring zero harmful or addictive substances are used. Mouth freshener suppliers today supply these in plastic jars, pouches, bottles etc. Mouth fresheners are also available in spray bottles these days. Most popular flavors of such mouth fresheners are   berry, cola, coffee, dark chocolate, mint, mango, paan, saunf etc. Simply put, right from the ingredients, flavor to storage specification, mouth fresheners are available in all varieties.

Mouth fresheners: a summary about it's usage over time

Mouth fresheners have been used by people since many millennial in different forms. Traditionally, these were made these from plant extracts. With time, the fresheners became popular and a whole host of other substances made from various ingredients also started being called as mouth fresheners.  This evolution continued for years. In the medieval period, addictive substances like tobacco and in some cases extracts of opium were also used as ingredients, becoming wildly popular amongst people. Until a couple of decades ago, a majority of fresheners provided by mouth freshener suppliers contained some sort of addictive and possibly also carcinogenic substances. However, with the gradual increase in health awareness amongst people, now, mouth fresheners are made sans or a very little amount of additives.

Some natural ingredients that instantly eliminate bad breath   : 
  •     Fennel seeds or sauf    
  •     Pudina or mint    
  •     Chotisaunf or anise seeds    
  •     Parsley    
  •     Cinnamon  
  •     Cardamom pods    
  •     Cloves
  •     Citrus fruits : Guava, pomegranate, cranberries

Properties of an ideal mouth freshener    :
  •     Should contain zero alcohol   
  •     Should have zero calories   
  •     Should have zero added sugar   
  •     Should have natural taste   
  •     Should be free from harmful additives, colors and preservatives