Monday, April 11, 2016

Table cloths and runners : Adding oodles of style to your home

table cloths and runners
Everyone would recall the importance of attractively designed fabrics in sprucing up the overall look of homes. Fabrics like TV covers, sofa covers, curtains, table cloths and runners are used in almost all homes, with a great degree of thought given by homeowners to ensure they choose only the perfect ones. Correctly chosen fabrics flawlessly blend in with the overall decor of homes, offices etc., thus accentuating the all around look.

Table covers and runners are one of the most essential fabrics used in home decor and these are available in a wide assortment of designs, color combinations, prints and patterns. Furthermore, on a specific request, these can be custom designed as well. Simply put, it doesn't matter whether a person's style is eclectic, traditional or modern, table cloths and runners are available to meet his/her every styling need.

Some creative designs for table cloths and runners 

Table cloth and table runner manufacturers are increasingly becoming more and more imaginative and quirky in their designs. Some creative table cloths and runners are :

  • Embroidered table cloth and runners – Ideal for people wanting a unique look for their tables. Creatively designed materials and sometimes even stones or gems are embroidered on the runners, thus giving an off the cuff look
  • Chalkboard table cloth – Gives a joyous and playful look to tables.
  • Duct tape table runners – Done by using a silver duct tape on a simple table runner, this design gives a stately look.
  • Confetti table cloth and runner - Provides a simplistic and yet appealing look.
  • Doodle table cloths and runners – Designed with attractive patterns and doodles, hugely popular amongst kids, resulting in increased production of this design by table cloth manufacturers.
  • Fake grass table runners – When used for tablescaping, the fake grass gives a feel of being close to nature.
  • For even more unique designs table runner manufacturers also provide table cloths and runners made from napkins, paper, exquisite leather, fur etc.

Table cloths and runners for every purpose

Attractively designed table cloths and runners can be used for tablescaping on all kinds of tables, be it study tables, dinner tables, counter top tables etc and also on every occasion such as get together, marriage function, birthday party etc. Moreover, the fabrics provided by table cloth manufacturers can easily match up for any kind of interior design in homes and other places. In all this trend of styling, one noteworthy thing is that table runner manufactures also give proper care to ensure these have optimal longevity, stain resistance and are easy to maintain.