Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bath towels: From bland to designer towels

Bath Towels
Traditionally used only as fabrics for drying or wiping the body, bath towels today are available in varied designer prints, designs and looks that are very attractive and endearing. Used since the middle ages across the world, bath towels were always thought of as bland looking but essential materials. Over the past few years, we have seen a revolution of sorts in the design of these towels. This has a lot to do with the new usage patterns amongst people that places an equal emphasis on products used inside their homes as to those used outside in the public eye.

Bath towel manufacturers provide these in a wide assortments of designs today along with an even wider range of yarns used for their production. The towels today range from being made of simple cotton to expensive and very rare Egyptian silk. Furthermore, bath towel manufacturers put a great emphasis on ensuring that the towels are soft on skin and do not lead to skin scratches, rashes, skin reddishness etc. when used. 

Public uses of bath towels 

Apart from being used in bathrooms for wiping the body after a shower, these towels are ideal for use in other places also, making it pertinent that the towels have an appealing look.
  • Bath towels can be used on beaches, river fronts etc.
  • These towels can also be used in gyms, fitness centers
  • The towels are used in hotels, restaurants, service homes
  • Bath towels are also used around public swimming pools

Some creative bath towel designs 

Bath towel suppliers today provide these in some very creative designs which have caught the imagination of people. Some of the popular ones are :
  • Bath towels having cartoon characters, letters, pictures or some other patterns imprinted on one or both their sides
  • Silky plain bath towels that feel very soft on skin
  • Organic cotton terry towels
  • Seaside shells embroidered bath towels
  • Postage stamp icon bath towels
  • Whimsical owls embroidered towels
  • Graffiti bath towels
  • Dragonfly jacquard towels

Bathroom towels are a very smart & inexpensive way to add that perfect glamor to your bathroom. They can compliment the bathroom design by providing a stylish punch. To retain colors & keep bath towels fresh, soft, fluffy and durable for long, it is recommended to follow care instructions that are printed on the label. Buyers should check weight, purity and comfort that the bath towels offer before buying.