Thursday, June 23, 2016

Non Woven Bags: Ideal alternative to polythene bags

Non woven bags
Non woven bags are an environment friendly alternative to polythene bags and since the government has banned the usage of polythene bags in a lot of places, these bags are nowadays thought of as their ideal replacement. Made from long fibers that are bonded together by thermo mechanical process, the distinguishing feature of non woven bags is that these are neither woven nor knitted.

Non woven bag manufacturers provide these bags in a wide assortment of dimensions, specifications and many more. These bags can be used for many applications such as in the packaging sector as retail carry bags, gift bags, laundry bags, medical packaging etc. Another noteworthy thing here is the fact that longevity of these bags differ, some are made for only one time use while some are very durable.

Beneficial attributes of non woven bags:

Apart from being environment friendly, these bags have plenty of other features such as,
  •     Liquid repellency
  •     Resilience
  •     Softness
  •     Flame retardancy
  •     Thermal and acoustic insulation
  •     Wash-ability

Properties of non woven bags depend upon
  •     The choice of fibers used for manufacturing these bags
  •     Technology that determines how the fibers will be arranged
  •     The bonding process and the bonding agent
  •     Fibers used for making non woven bags

Non woven bag manufacturers generally use one of the many fibers that are optimally suited for making these bags. The aforementioned fibers are:
  •     Cotton
  •     Rayon
  •     Acetate
  •     Wool
  •     Polyester
  •     Acrylic
Future possibilities with non woven bags

As mentioned above non woven bags are gradually replacing polythene bags as a result of persistent efforts by the government and other organizations. Going forward, as people become increasingly aware of their benefits, the usage of these bags is only going to increase. Even now, a lot of small and medium manufacturing facilities are sprouting up in the developed as well as the developing world for making these bags. We have to also accept that all these years, some demand for non woven bags was there, the only thing lacking as the supply. With the increase in the number of manufacturers, this problem has also been taken care of, which will surely result in these bags becoming more and more popular in the coming days.