Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Woven Bags: Most widely used packaging bags

Woven Bags
Woven bags are made by an interlacement of weft and warp threads or to put it simply, these bags are made through weaving. There are different kinds of weaving styles to make these bags, with each style having it's own distinct advantages. In all of these different weaving styles, the underlying fact is that all woven bags do have some common characteristics such as flexibility without being overtly stretchy, thus being able to retain it's shape well etc. Furthermore, these bags are relatively strong, enabling their wide usage spanning in various commercial and industrial sectors.

Woven bags are probably the most widely used of all bags. This is due to the fact that the manufacturing process of the bags is relatively simple, allowing for these to be inexpensively priced. Moreover, woven bag manufacturers customize the bags with respect to their design, dimensions etc. based on a specific request.

Why are woven bags suitable for packaging use

Woven bags are preferred for packaging use in general because they are :
  • Non toxic
  • Non staining
  • 100 percent reusable and durable
  • Easy to clean and also anti bacterial
  • Light weight with low density
  • Perfectly suited to high operational temperatures and have a high melting point
  • Resistant to a majority of alkali, acids, organic solvents and also degreasing agents

Uses of woven bags

As mentioned above, woven bag manufacturers provide these in a wide gamut of designs, this enables their usage in various areas, such as :
  • These bags can be used to store and transport various agricultural products such as aquatic products, feeds, fruits, vegetables etc.
  • Woven bags are also ideal for common food packaging use
  • Owing to their durability, these are ideal for use as travel bags in the tourism sector
  • These bags are also used as packaging materials for daily necessities in shops
  • Special made woven bags are used as packaging materials during flood control operations
  • Along with all of the above, specially made woven bags such as UV resistant bags are used for various special purposes.

Woven bags and environment friendliness 

There is still a misconception amongst people that woven bags are harmful to the environment. This might have been true some years ago but is very far from the truth today. Today, a majority of woven bags used are environment friendly and also recyclable. For this, a lot of credit should go to woven bag manufacturers who have ensured that these bags contain minimal(in some cases zero) environment harming constituents.