Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Iron Scrap : Ideal for use in construction and automobile sectors

Iron Scrap
Technically the term iron scrap means disused or discarded pieces of iron that can be recycled or reworked. Generally a leftover of the manufacturing process in various industrial facilities, iron scraps are widely used in various parts of the globe, with usage spanning innumerable sectors. In fact, iron scrap reworking is a multi billion dollar industry in itself, with some of the most globally renowned firms being engaged in this sector. It won't be an exaggeration to state that if we look carefully, we can find one or two objects from our daily lives that have been made by reworking iron scrap.

Like all metal scraps, iron scraps are also available in different dimensions, sizes etc. Some notable ones are ferrous scrap, furnace slag, iron blocks, cast iron scrap etc. The usage of iron scraps has grown exponentially over the past few years. Until some decades ago, these were thought of as useless materials but over time with people realizing their immense benefits, these are now widely used for making objects, with the trend continuing to grow every year. Another important point to note here is that the usage of iron scraps has also been necessitated to some extent by increased environmental concerns the world over from metal waste.

Common uses of iron scraps:

  •  Iron scraps are increasingly being used in the construction sector for building of roads, bridges and other infrastructure
  • These are also used in the manufacturing of containers that are used by innumerable companies
  • These are used to make home furnishing items such as benches, tables etc..
  • Technological advancements have also enabled the usage of iron scraps to manufacture automobiles, aircraft and other modes of transportation
  • Some people also use iron scraps for artistic purposes, with a notable one being for making sculptures

Some facts about iron scraps:

  • Before being reused, iron scraps need to be specifically prepared. For fulfilling this purpose, mechanical processes such as bailing, briquetting, shearing etc. are undertake
  • None of the inherent properties of iron are lost during the reworking process. Thus it's safe to say that products made from iron scrap will have the same durability, reliability etc. as products made from unused iron
  • The usage of iron scraps for various production and construction purposes also provide cost savings
  • During the reworking process of these, some collective and individual hazards for personnel working around do exist, requiring the need for proper safety measures
  • As for the future, the market for iron scraps is only expected to grow, prompting more usage of these. This bodes very well as it will further lessen environment pollution due to metal waste