Thursday, April 6, 2017

Essential oil : Uses and Benefits

To put it in layman's term, essential oils are those that are generally obtained through the process of distillation and which have the odor as well as the characteristics of the source from which they are extracted or made. One important thing to note here is the fact that the field of essential oils is extremely vast and diverse. As a result of it, there are contradicting view points over many aspects, whether it be regarding their benefits, usage practices and sometimes simply over their definition. The aforementioned description of essential oils is a generic one and one which everyone involved in this field would largely agree to.

Essential Oil

Essential oils have been used in countries such as China and India for many centuries now. References to their usage can be found in old manuscripts and sometimes also in mythological legends. Moreover, the ancient wisdom relating to how to correctly formulate these oils and also their correct usage has been passed over from generation to generation in many families in these countries. As for medical science, until some years, a majority to the medical profession disputed the benefits of these oils, even going to the extent of lampooning them sometimes. Things have changed a lot over the last decade or so, with increased realization amongst medical science professionals about the benefits of essential oils.

Benefits of essential oils:

There are many inherent properties of essential oils that make them beneficial in a wide range of ways. These are ,
  • Tea tree, lavender and pine oils are ideal for use in curing ailments such as common cold, flu etc.
  • Essential oils such as organic sweet almond oil do wonders when applied on the body, these help in relaxing the body and also in the soothing of sore muscles
  • Tangerine and sandalwood oils are perfect for use in healing various skin conditions
  • Chamomile essential oil is perfect for providing relief in cases of joints pain
  • Since essential oils are made only from natural extracts, these have an unlimited shelf life
  • A majority of essential oils are suitable for use by people of all age groups
  • In some cases, the usage of essential oils has also been known to improve long term digestive issues
  • These are also helpful in reducing wrinkles

Uses of essential oils:
  • Although the usage of essential oils in allopathic medicines is still very less, these are very commonly used in herbal and ayurvedic medicines
  • These are also widely used in & as massage oils
  • Owing to their aforementioned benefits on skin, the oils are used in formulating various skin care products
  • The mixture of citronella and few other essential oils and warm water is a natural and very effective disinfectant
  • These also are natural mosquito repellants and are used in making bug sprays
  • Since these oils have inherent anti microbial properties, these can be used in homes to ensure cleaner air for occupants

Essential oils : Present and future

As mentioned above, the usage of essential oils has found greater acceptance in the medical field over the last couple of decades. Can we expect this to increase? Probably yes. Although there are still many people within the medical fraternity who think that essential oils are of no use, there are sufficient facts available ( almost all of them based on conclusive research ) which makes it possible for people involved in the medical field to change their minds. Another important reason that will aid in the usage growth of essential oils is the fact that compared to yesteryear, more and more people are preferring herbal and ayurvedic medicines over allopathic ones.