Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Modular toilets : For ensuring everyone has access to a toilet

Modular toilets
It's a very disappointing fact that in spite of all the advancements in technology, medical science, standard of living of people etc., we still haven't been able to ensure hygienic and functioning bathrooms for all human beings. Governments and social organizations around the world have been endeavoring for the past many decades to provide functional bathrooms to everyone but all their efforts have met with very little success. This can primarily be attributed to pestering issues such as a lack of land availability to build toilets, issues relating to water availability etc.

All the aforementioned issues can be sorted out to a large extent by modular toilets. These toilets accord innumerable benefits over toilets that have been built the conventional way. Modular toilets are available in a large number of designs and specifications such as single modular toilets, twin modular toilets, household modular toilets, bio digester toilets etc.

Features of modular toilets:
  • These are easy to transport and erect at their intended location of use, even if the intended location is very remote
  • The modular toilets are made from materials that are inherently resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chips and winding
  • These work flawlessly even in the most adverse conditions
  • Modular toilets have the requisite tolerance to shocks, impacts and vibrations
  • These have a long functional life and require minimal maintenance, with only periodic cleaning enough for ensuring their optimum functionality
Some facts about modular toilets:
  • Although modular toilets were invented some decades ago, a large segment of the population ( including many people in decision making positions viewed these toilets with suspicion). According to them the logistical issues related with modular toilets would be so much that it wasn't feasible to use these toilets on a large scale
  • Modular toilets are ideal for use in mass toilet projects, where innumerable toilets are built for the general populace
  • Nowadays, these toilets are designed in such a way that they ensure easier access for people who are physically challenged
  • These toilets are also designed to ensure that these are easy to clean, this ensures optimal hygiene ( an essential requirement in all toilets)