Monday, September 4, 2017

Apparel Trade Shows- An ideal platform for Apparel Firms to showcase their products

Apparel & fashion trade shows are golden opportunities for companies involved in this sector to showcase their product range. Attended by globally renowned organizations as well as by the start ups in the apparel & fashion sector, a multitude of trade shows are held across the globe, with some of them becoming so much significant that they herald a new trend in this sector. Apart from providing the opportunity to showcase their product range, these trade shows also provide networking opportunities for the firms participating. It would be apt to state that if organizations involved in this sector are not participating in any of the fashion & apparel trade shows held across the globe, then they are failing to market themselves and their products properly.

 Apparel Trade Shows

As mentioned above, various apparel & fashion trade shows are held across the globe, some of these shows are Sourcing at Magic in Las Vegas, Panache Fashion Fiesta in Jaipur, Garment Technology Expo in Ahmedabad, India and many more. These shows are specially ideal for organizations that are in their growing stages, a fact understood by many start ups in this sector, resulting in their ever increasing participation in these shows.

Benefits of apparel & fashion trade shows
  • Apparel trade shows, fashion trade shows etc. offer great opportunities for those involved in these sectors to build connections in the fashion industry. To be precise, these shows offer unparalleled partnership opportunities for those taking part.
  • Moreover, the clothing trade shows, garment trade fairs held across the world also ensure the participants are abreast with the prevalent trends in the apparel industry.
  • Another advantage these shows provide to participants is that these help them get an idea of what their competitors are up to in terms of new ideas, new product launches etc
  • Instead of the high marketing costs in online as well as offline mediums, fashion trade shows, garment trade fairs etc. provide the requisite opportunity for apparel firms to create a buzz about themselves, that too at comparatively lesser cost.
  • The old adage of out of sight means out of mind holds very true for the apparel and fashion industry, participating in these shows ensure that does not happen
Marketing opportunities offered by apparel & fashion trade shows
Apparel trade shows, clothing trade shows etc. offer ample opportunities to firms engaged in this sector to market their products. To elaborate, these shows are great for
  •  Creating lasting impressions amongst prospective customers.
  • Face to face marketing of the product line
  • Very good lead generation, which will later translate into sales
  • Direct Sales opportunities
  • Ensuring small to medium sized firms are able to compete against global behemoths in the apparel & fashion industry