Friday, October 27, 2017

Types of Finished Leather and their Uses

Mostly used in the furnishing and upholstery, finished leather is great to look at equally durable. As such, it has become extremely popular in a number of companies belonging to the automotive as well as non automotive industry.

Finished Leather


Leather is known to be of the finished quality when a top coat of finish is applied on natural leather which has been processed and dyed. This renders durability to the leather and makes it tough. As a result it becomes cold and stiff when compared to natural leather.  Leather is dyed during the tanning process and then coated with a finish. A leather grain pattern is then applied on the leather to give it the look of natural leather. This type of leather even requires special kind of treatment style so that the natural look and durability stays for a long time.

Types of finished leather

There are various types of leather available that fits into this category. We have anline and semi anline finishes. For those prefer to keep the natural look of leather intact, the semi anline variety of leather makes it possible to create that sort of look as it includes application of minimum amount of coated finish on the leather. The biggest advantage of this kind of leather is that it offers the look and protection both.
Once the leather is finished, it means that top coat of the leather is a topical pigment that gives it color and a long lasting quality. Another variety can be a clear coat finish.


This kind of leather is used for a number of purposes. For instance there are a large number of applications for this leather in the furnishing industry. This is because this leather is durable and hence lasts for a long time without any wear and tear. Also, this kind of leather doesn?t stain and this makes it favorable for a range of applications in both the automotive and non automotive industries.

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