Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Nostalgic wonders of Wool Carpets

It is rightly said that some trends come back time and again because they are universally flattering, while there are some that will never loose their charm, which is very true in case of carpets. These are one of the forever trending essentials of home decor, which come in unique designs, sizes, shapes, colors, and in many other variations. Among all the carpets, woolen rugs are one of the most preferred ones by people, it is so because wool has an amazing natural fiber which makes it an ideal choice to be used for carpets.

Wool carpets are perfectly suited for serving the purpose of flooring houses, hotels, offices etc. Wool carpets come in classic patterns that give you and your guests a show stopping appearance with their gorgeous colors and irresistible texture. In addition to this, one of the best part with wool carpet is that it does not show dirt, it insulates effectively, it is resilient and also reduces noise. Besides, what makes the customers awestruck is the quality of material it is made of and its easy washability. So, wool carpets are always high in demand and not only within the boundaries of India but also in other countries as well.

Indian wool carpet manufacturers make sure of both quality and mesmerizing designs simultaneously. The manufacturers also ensure that every piece of carpet is well tufted, plus, they also check if the dimensions of the piece are as per the buyers' requirement. Indian wool carpets can be customized very easily, hence, highly sought after across the globe. Reliable wool carpet suppliers are dispersed all over India and are successfully meeting the requirements of clients' within promised time frame.

When we see earlier rug patterns which by the way are still as popular as they once were, we realize that wool rugs were quite popular during different historical periods. Moreover,  their traditional and classic design tends to tell us a story with their artistic identity. Entwining cultural symbols, animals, flowers and events foretold in color are the designs and patterns which speak out-loud enough that could only be understood by someone who carries an interest in history. Another interesting point to note here is that the brilliant colors of ancient wool carpets came from natural dyes such as madder, indigo, woad & genista dyes.

Features of Wool Carpet:

  • Wool is generally blended in materials that are used to make the carpets. The materials used can range from silk to linen and cotton to paper
  • What makes wool carpets preferable is - their softness and stain-repellent nature
  • It does not shrink after a wash
  • The best feature of wool carpet is its forever-lasting material because wool used in it is natural which ensures unmatchable durability
  • It can be easily rolled up to move along, hence best to use when camping

Types of wool carpets:

  • Cotton wool rugs
  • Shaggy woolen carpet
  • Hand knotted woolen carpets
  • Handloom woolen carpet
  • Blended in silk and wool carpet

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