Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blankets: An essential item for every home

In simple terms, a blanket is a large piece of woven cloth that is basically used for the purpose of keeping the user warm while he/she is sleeping or lying down. A common material in every household during winter or in places with cold climates, blankets are a necessity today for all members of a family. Blankets work by not letting the radiant heat from the user's body escape, thus keeping him/her warm, irrespective of how cold the outside weather it. Over the last few years, blankets have gone through a huge transformation. Along with keeping the user warm, these are also used as a home decor item today, with people going to great lengths to buy blankets that give their rooms a novel and alluring look. Another important point to note here is that people are increasingly willing to experiment as regards to their blankets and thus are consistently choosing blankets with colorful and unique designs and patterns.

Snow Flake Blankets

As is common knowledge, innumerable types of blankets are available today, with some notable ones being baby blankets, polar blankets, mink blankets, shoddy blankets, electrical blankets and many more. Moreover, blanket manufacturers are increasingly coming out with newer and more inventive designs, ensuring the fulfillment of all requirements. It would be apt to state that gone are the days when blankets used to be bland and something that were used only for keeping the user warm.

Fleece Blankets

Some facts about blankets:

  • Although also a kind of bedding, the distinguishing factor between a blanket and a bed sheet is thickness and intended usage
  • Blankets are often also called as comforters, quilts and duvets
  • A fact many people would not have noticed is that militaries are probably the single biggest users of blankets
  • Along with covering a person to give him/her warmth, blankets are often used during picnics, where these are basically used as bedding on the ground where people can sit
  • Sometimes blankets are also designed with exotic crafting and materials like crocheted afghan, silk covering etc.


Types of blankets based on the materials they are made from:
  • Woven acrylic
  • Knitted polyester
  • Mink
  • Cotton
  • Fleece
  • Wool

Trendy blanket designs that are highly in demand today:
  •  Floral minky baby blanket
  •  Satin ruffle blanket
  •  Flamingo pink classic linen throw blanket
  •  Knit swaddle blanket
  •  Beal Turkish cotton throw blanket
  •  Stockholm throw blanket
  •  Peacock print boho beach blanket

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