Thursday, November 23, 2017

Door Fittings include all the items of door hardware

Door Fittings include all the items of door hardware which are used for enhancing the appearance or functionality of the door. Some of the useful door fittings include-

Door closer

A mechanical device that is used for closing a door is called the door closer. This device closes the door automatically after the door is opened. While choosing a door closer some criterion must be considered like opening forces resistance, if it is used by infirm or disabled persons, safety, rate of control over closing, durability, aesthetics and risk of vandalism. The door closers can either be manual or automatic. There are 4 types of door closers that are used in the interiors which include concealed in door, floor and frame and surface mounted.

Door Closer


The attached mechanism of door that is used to open or close it is called a door handle. The lever operated or fixed door latch is called a door handle and the round operating mechanism is called the door knobs. The different types of household handles include-

  • Entrance- the handles that use keyed cylinder and are used on exterior doors.
  • Passage-these are used on closet doors or halls and do not lock.
  • Privacy- these handles do not contain keyed cylinders and is used in bathrooms and bedrooms and is lockable.
  • Dummy- ball catch doors use these handles or applications where mechanism of jigger is not required only aesthetic effect is expected.



A type of bearing which is used to connect two solid objects is called a hinge. The hinge allows a minimum angle of rotation between the two objects. The axis of rotation is fixed which is used to rotate the objects relative to each other. Hinges are made up of moving components or flexible materials.  There are a wide variety of door hinges. Some of these include-


  • Pivot hinge- these pivot on the door frame top or on the floor openings. These are also called double acting floor hinge and are found in ancient buildings of dry stone.
Pivot Hinge
  • Barrel hinge- a pivot is used to secure a sectional barrel. A barrel consists of a section of cylinder shape where bearing force of rotation is applied to the pivot and the screw moves or fastens the pivot. 


The electronic or mechanical fastening devices that are used to release a physical object like fingerprint, keycard, security token etc. are called locks. There are various types of locks like water tumbler lock, pin tumbler lock, warded lock etc.


The other Doors Fittings include the accessories and fasteners of door. All types of fittings of door are available online. One interested in availing these can browse through various websites. 

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