Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Different types of Electric Power Tools

Electric Power Tools are actuated by electric motors and mechanism. These power tools have a wide range of applications in construction industry, in household works like cleaning, cooking etc, in the garden, around the house for drilling, driving fasteners, cutting, sanding, shaping, routing, grinding, painting, polishing, heating and many more.

Electric Power tools

Some of the Electric Power Tools include-

Electric drill

The drill is an electric tool which is fitted with driving tool attachment or cutting tool attachment that is usually a driver bit or drill bit and is used for fastening various materials and drill holes in various materials together by utilizing the fasteners. At one end of the drill there is a chuck which is used for gripping the attachment and rotated by pressing against the intended material. The cutting tool sometimes cut the edges and the tip and does the job of cutting into the intended material. This is done in oil drilling by grinding off small particles, in auger bits or twist drills by slicing off thin shavings, in SDS masonry drill by removing and crushing the pieces of the work piece, counters boring, countersinking or other operations. Drills are used for construction, metalworking, and woodworking and in many other industries. There are various types of drills which include hammer drill, corded or pistol grip drill, rotary hammer drill, drill press, cordless drills etc.

Electric Drill Machine

The rotary hammer drill is widely used in construction. It is also known as masonry drill or roto hammer drill and combines with the mechanism of a primary dedicated hammer with separate rotation mechanism and is utilized for substantial material like concrete or masonry. Carbide drills and SDS chucks are used in these drills as these can withstand percussive forces whereas the standard drills and chucks are inadequate in resisting the force. Some styles of this type have only masonry drilling whereas the other styles have normal drilling for hammer action or hammering used for chiseling without rotation.


A woodworking machine is a jointer which is utilized for fabricating a flat surface along the length of a board. The primary function of a jointer is to produce flat surfaces on boards and before joining those wider boards are produced from edge to edge. The name of the jointer is derived from its main function and also from the jointer plane which is used for this purpose.


Heat gun

A stream of hot air is emitted by a heat gun. The heat guns operate at temperatures between 100 degree centigrade and 550 degree centigrade and there are some hotter models of heat gun which can be held by hand. These guns are formed of an elongated body pointing at the target which is to be heated, a trigger and at right angles handles are fixed. The heat gun comprise of a heat source, an element which is heated electrically, electric fan to move the hot air, to direct the air a nozzle is there and a simple tube pointed to a direction and which concentrates on a smaller area for heating, to store components a storage compartment, trigger for switching on or off, a handle and a external or built in stand if it is to be operated hands free.

Heat Gun

All types of power tools are available online. Persons interested can browse the internet and can directly avail these from the manufacturers.

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