Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Jackets: A style statement for both men and women

For men and women of all age groups today, Wearing trendy jackets is considered as a style statement. Gone are the days when jackets were only used to protect the body from cold during winters, with no thought given to their design. Jackets today are available in varying designs, giving looks that range from professional and sophisticated to colorful and casual. A large part of credit for making jackets a fashion statement today should also be given to celluloid. Whether it be Bollywood movies, songs, fashion shows etc., jackets are always in focus, even to the extent of jackets themed fashion shows that happen before the beginning of every winter.

Mens Jackets

As mentioned above, jackets are available in varying designs today. Some of the highly in demand jackets that are available today are mens leather jackets, hooded jackets, sports jackets, party wear jackets for men, half jackets for women and many more. Moreover, firms engaged in this sector are consistently coming out with inventive designs, that are sure to enhance the overall personality of the wearer. Right from city based firms to global behemoths who have hired internationally known fashion designers to design their range of jackets, it won't be wrong to state that the range of jackets available in the market today ensures the fulfillment of every style requirement.

Mens Leather Jackets

Attributes all winter jackets must have

Apart from the style that jackets provide, there are some basic aspects that all jackets ( irrespective of whether they are casual or a winter jacket ) must suffice, they are,
  •  Jackets should be lightweight and yet should have the requisite heat retaining capacity
  •  Ideally, the heat retaining capacity of jackets should be intact even in cases where they have become wet due to some reason. Even better if the jackets are water resistant
  • These should be comfortable to wear and should perfectly fit the wearers body i.e -they should not be too bulky
  • Jackets should have the requisite color fastness and should also be tear resistant
  • Best quality jackets are always made of the best quality fabrics and are manufactured giving the minutest attention to detail
Ladies Leather Jackets

7 evergreen jacket styles:

There are some jacket styles that always remain in trend, we identify 7 of those styles for you,

  •     Leather jacket
  •     Denim jacket
  •     Safari jacket
  •     Trench coat
  •     Bomber jacket
  •     Suede jacket
  •     Belted blazer
Sleeveless Jackets

Guide to choosing the right jacket
  • Decide whether you want to buy a jackets that will always look good or a jacket that is in trend nowadays
  • Decide whether you want to make a style statement with your jacket or whether you want to blend it. This will help you decide about the need to buy jackets with novel color combinations or patterns
  • Also think beforehand about where and when you will be wearing the jacket
  • Do know your body type before choosing a jacket. Try and determine where the bulk of the jacket is and how does it make you look while you’re wearing it
  • Invest in quality; plenty of time people buy jackets that look trendy but are made of questionable fabric quality. Always check the jacket quality before deciding to buy it.

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