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ball grinding mills sound

how to solve the noise of ball mill - hongxing machinery

how to solve the noise of ball mill - hongxing machinery

Global pollution is spreading rapidly, melting glaciers, the increasing of coastlines and the reducing of the ozone layer,which are increasingly harming people's health. In the case of heavy pollution, the state keeps increasing the monitoring to enterprises, supervising and shutting down seriously polluting production enterprises. With low environmental protection coefficient, the mining industry's development situation is not optimistic. The noise of ball mill is also a difficult problem.

Ball mill as one popular grinding equipment commonly used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining and other industries, in the process of production, its minimum noise is 95 dB (A), up to 120 dB (A), which is one of the strongest noise in industrial production and it must be controlled. Which methods can reduce the noise produced by the ball mill operation? Here are some detailed explanations on the ball mill noise problem that users concern about and the corresponding solution.

Use the acoustic enclosure to cover the whole ball mill, and then add a sound absorbing device in the hood to eliminate the reverberation noise. This method usually gains the noise reduction of 25-45db (A), but it does not effectively isolate the ball mill transmitting to the outside. There are two types of acoustic enclosure: stationary type and movable type. Some ball mill manufacturers will equip with the acoustic enclosure at random for users, but because the ball mill is too large, the measure makes the ball mill poorly ventilated and the machine's maintenance and repair inconvenient, so it is seldom used.

Installing acoustic booth is the improvement method of acoustic enclosure, in recent years the acoustic booth has been widely used in control of ball mill noise, it solved the problem of insufficient maintenance space, but there are still problems of poor ventilation and heat dissipation.

Soft soundproof curtain is a kind of latest developed sound insulation devices, which makes use of the soft elastic of fiber material to absorb sound and is made into louver sound insulation curtain. It has the characteristics of good ventilation, high-temperature resistance, soft, removable and easy to use, especially suitable for the ball mill noise control being restricted by space. This new kind of noise control soft soundproof curtain is gradually replacing the traditional rigid sound insulation structure, which is widely used in ball mill operation.

Operators can place heat-resistant soft rubber pad in the cylinder to reduce the noise, in order to avoid overheating of soft rubber pad, put the lining board and soft rubber pad on the heat-resistant industrial felt with 10-15 mm thickness, which can reduce noise under the operational standards.

Operators can cover the sound insulation layer on the outside of the cylinder wall, the thickness of the sound insulation layer is 50 mm, and using the steel plate with 1.5 mm thick to make protective surface and then fixed to the outer wall of ball mill cylinder with bolt, the sound insulation value is 12 db (a).

With the gradually enhancing of national environmental protection consciousness, the environmental protection demand is higher and higher, as a manufacturer of ball mill - Hongxing machine, constantly improve product technology and improve product performance to satisfy the demands of modern production, HXJQ ball mill machine is the best choice for you

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