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cone crushers installations

10 steps to install cone crusher | m&c

10 steps to install cone crusher | m&c

1). The bearing shall be hot installed. When installing the countershaft, ensure the axial position of the bearing relative to the counter shaft, and pad gasket between the pedestal and the counter shaft frame flange .

3). When removing the countershaft, the square head fixing screw on the counter shaft bracket flange can be used to push out. When the countershaft is not removed, the square head screw shall not be screwed on.

1). Before the installation of the eccentric shaft, install the gasket on the bottom cover, place the bottom cover on the lower end of the frame with the hook, and then install the lower round plate and the round plate on the bottom cover in sequence with the hook, and make the convex part of the lower round plate and the concave part of the bottom cover clamp well.

4). Weld two symmetrical lifting rings on the outer surface of the dynamic cone liner plate, lift the dynamic cone liner plate and install it on the dynamic cone, install the small liner plate, the backing ring and the cap nut, then fasten the cap nut with a special wrench and a sledgehammer, and check the gap between the dynamic cone liner plate and the dynamic cone with a feeler gauge, so that the gap is almost zero and all sides are consistent. A kind of

5). During assembly, lift the dynamic cone part at the cap nut, put the main shaft of the dynamic cone into the eccentric shaft gently and slowly, and make the spherical surface of the dynamic cone contact with the bowl shaped bush of the bowl shaped bearing stably, so as to avoid damaging the spherical ring.

1). The adjusting ring consists of hopper, thread ring, fixed cone liner and other components. Its installation quality can also affect the stability of equipment operation, crushing effect and service life of fixed cone liner.

2). The cone-shaped liner plate and the thread ring contact through the cone surface. During installation, place the cone-shaped liner plate, place the thread ring on it, place the flange on the thread ring, clamp the snap ring on the outer neck ring of the cone-shaped liner plate, and then screw down the bolts one by one, repeatedly and symmetrically.

2). Ensure that the locking device is parallel to the support ring, open the high-pressure pump, adjust the pressure to 13Mpa, and screw down the locking device one by one, repeatedly and symmetrically.

1). Clean the supporting sleeve and adjusting ring. The serrated thread is coated with dry and thin oil mixture, the locking cylinder is installed on the support sleeve, and the interface part of the locking cylinder is connected to the interface part of the hydraulic station.

2). The height between the feed port and the distribution plate affects the normal operation of the crusher. If it is too high, the ore is easy to enter the crushing space without the distribution plate

3). The arc-shaped steel plate is used to protect the feed box from damage and the ore is not easy to be blocked at the feed inlet. During the installation, the shape of the arc-shaped steel plate and the size of the arc-shaped steel plate from the edge of the feed inlet shall be maintained.

rock crushing rule of thumb - 911 metallurgist

rock crushing rule of thumb - 911 metallurgist

Gyratory crusher: feed diameter 0.75 to 1.5m; reduction ratio 5:1 to 10:1, usually 8:1; capacity 140 to 1000 kg/s; Mohs hardness <9. More suitable for slabby feeds than jaw crusher. [reduction by compression].

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