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bentonite processing crushing grinding

bentonite mill-bentonite mill equipme

bentonite mill-bentonite mill equipme

Bentonite (Bentonite) is a water bearing clay mineral dominated by montmorillonite. The chemical composition of montmorillonite is: (Al2, Mg3) Si4O10 OH2. NH2O, because of its special properties. Such as swelling, caking, adsorption, catalysis, thixotropy, suspension and cation exchange. So it is widely used in various industrial fields. The montmorillonite structure of bentonite is a 2:1 type crystal structure consisting of two silica tetrahedrons and a layer of alumina octahedron. Some cations, such as Cu, Mg, Na, K, exist in the layered structure formed by the montmorillonite cell, and the interaction between these cations and the montmorillonite cell is very unstable and easy to be exchanged by other cations. It has better ion exchange property. Overseas, it has been applied in more than 100 departments in 24 fields of industry and agriculture, with more than 300 products. Therefore, it is called "universal soil".

The application of bentonite in modern industry is more and more extensive, so the demand for bentonite is also increasing, of course, the production of bentonite is indispensable to the use of mills. The physical properties of bentonite are quite different, so the characteristics of bentonite are constantly expanding in various fields, which further enhance the requirements of bentonite grinding equipment. Of course, the improvement of grinding efficiency will become an important part of mineral resources saving and energy low-carbon. So how to select suitable bentonite grinder for different fineness requirements? In the processing of bentonite between 100 mesh and 300 mesh, the most suitable bentonite grinding equipment is Raymond mill, in more than 800 mesh should choose micro-grinding, because this equipment belongs to high output, low energy consumption, low maintenance rate of grinding equipment, is the best bentonite grinder. Vanguard's specialized bentonite grinder, compared with other production equipment output increased by 10%, the whole closed, pollution-free, to meet national standards, has provided technical support for hundreds of domestic bentonite processing plants. Bentonite is a kind of multi-purpose mineral. Its quality and application field mainly depend on the content and property type of montmorillonite and its crystal chemical properties. Therefore, its development and utilization must vary from mine to mine, and vary according to its role. For example, the production of activated clay, calcium-based sodium, drilling grouting for oil drilling, instead of starch for spinning, printing and dyeing slurry, building materials with internal and external wall paint, organic bentonite, synthesis of 4A zeolite with bentonite, production of silica and so on. Bentonite has adsorptive and cation exchange properties, which can be used to remove toxins from edible oils, purify gasoline and kerosene, and treat wastewater; because of its excellent water absorption and expansion properties, dispersion, suspension and pulping properties, it can be used in drilling mud, flame retardant (suspension fire extinguishing); it can also be used as a filler in the paper industry to optimize coating. The properties of the material such as adhesion, covering power, water resistance, wash resistance, etc. Because of its good adhesion, it can be used to replace starch in the textile industry yarn sizing is not only grain-saving, but also unhairing, after the oar does not emit peculiar smell, really kill two birds with one stone. In addition, bentonite can also be used as waterproof materials, such as bentonite waterproof blanket, bentonite waterproof board and its supporting materials, using mechanical technology to lay fixed method.

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