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hammer crusher principle structure shown

how to use one crusher

how to use one crusher

F B crusher on the left side of the flat part of the inlet into the crushing chamber, under high-speed operation of the hammer blow, in under the action of centrifugal force, so the broken material along the outer limits of the rotor, the period for the hammer, tooth plate, mesh extrusion, collision, crack, rub and quickly shattered, shredded powder grain fall through the sieve to compartment material sent outside, not through the screen mesh powder repeat the above process.

hammer replacement, the corresponding two groups of quality difference shall not be greater than 50 grams, use for a period of time, hammer wear, need to be replaced in time to avoid material accumulation inside, in order to ensure the balance of the rotor, prevent machine vibration, all the hammer must be replaced.

Adjustment and maintenance should be carried out according to the instructions before starting the machine.Check whether the fasteners are tightened at the same time;Under the condition of ensuring man-machine safety, the machine can be started, and the material can be fed after the abnormal sound of empty operation for 2-3 minutes.

After the machine maintenance, close the upper casing, align the upper and lower casing, lock the fixing bolts, and then start the machine. The spindle is required to rotate flexibly, and the machine can not be started until there is no jam, rub, impact and other abnormal sound.

*Check the wear of the hammer regularly, whether the split pin is broken, and replace the vulnerable parts in time when the wear is serious. The power must be cut off when the replacement is made, and the upper shell is not allowed to be opened under the condition of operation.

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