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power plant | jailbreak wiki | fandom

power plant | jailbreak wiki | fandom

The Power Plant is one of the heist locations in Jailbreak. First added in the Map Expansion Update as a hollow building known as the Factory, it was later remodeled and became a robbery location in the Jet Ski & Power Plant Robbery Update since in June 2019.

The Power Plant has been known as one of the more fast-paced and exciting heists in Jailbreak. The robbery has multiple stages, forcing criminals to be interactive like the Museum or Jewelry Store; it is not a robbery where players simply stand in one area to collect cash (an example of such being the Bank and Cargo Train).

The Camaro used to spawn at the Power Plant, until the Power Plant Revamp update, when the Challenger took its place. In the 2020 Winter Update, the DeLorean now spawns at this location, which replaced the Challenger spawns, and the Challenger now spawns at its original location at Gun Shop 1.

To get inside, unlike the old one, criminals no longer need to climb a ladder, instead, criminals go to the entrance where a damaged electricity box can be seen. From there, they will be met with a pop-up GUI flow puzzle that appears on the screen. They must drag the colors together in a way that no color cuts off each other's trail - a flow pattern of sorts. The same puzzle cannot be achieved as it is randomized each time, therefore some can be harder than others. As of the Ships Update, numbers have been added to help colorblind individuals rob the Power Plant. Numbers will also show to help match colors to other colors.

Once the puzzle has been completed, a door will open for a few seconds, giving the criminal a chance to get inside of the building. Once they are inside, they will go underground where there are few lasers that the player needs to dodge. Once they reach a space with what appears to be a computer, the player would need to jump onto the platform. If the player keeps moving forward, they will hit a laser wall which will damage their health by 25%. The player has to solve an even bigger and harder flow puzzle to obtain the Uranium. As soon as a player finishes the puzzle, they are given a rod of Uranium, which will lose value over time at a rate of $50 cash per second. Once the cash left reaches $1,000 cash, the cash loss rate will rapidly increase until the rod's value is worth $0. It is possible to complete the parkour and reach the exit before solving the puzzle to earn more cash.

Unlike going to the exit immediately, a second parkour course is needed to exit. There is a pit underneath, and if the player drops into it, they will die. There are 2 hydraulic presses that will crush down to the ground. The player must go to the conveyor belt and dodge the first piston. If one gets crushed by the piston, it will take away 50% of the player's health and the player's body will be squished. After that, jump on to another conveyor belt, where there will be a big electrical beam, in which players will have to avoid jumping to not lose health. Another piston is ahead of them, which players will also have to dodge. A gap between the conveyor belt separates needed to be avoided. Once the parkour is completed, players can jump over the last laser and exit the building.

As soon as a player finishes the parkour and exit the building, the player must go to the Volcano Criminal Base and deliver the uranium to a Collector as soon as possible. If this is done in a timely matter, an experienced criminal can end up getting $5,800-$6,000 from this heist. If a criminal completes the heist, it should add $500 to their bounty. However, if the value of the uranium drops down to zero, it will disappear, meaning the criminal has failed to complete the robbery and no bounty will be added.

The Rickroll Easter egg can be found in the Power Plant. To find this do the first parkour as usual and pass through the computer. Go on the next conveyor belt and don't go to the electrical beam, the player has to go through to the laser between the electrical beam, then they will see a computer with an image of Rick Astley. However, this is possibly used to troll someone because the player can't go out from the room, instead, they die and respawn to the location of their base.

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